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There's no shortage of products intended to meet our travel needs. We'll be reviewing some of them on a strictly haphazard basis. Whatever we come across that we think is worth sharing. If you have travel related products you'd like us to consider for review, contact us

Read more about myCharge All Terrain at

MyCharge(R) All Terrain Portable Charger

Who couldn't benefit from having a tough and durable lightweight power source to charge that flagging cellphone?.

Lewis N Clark (R) Sling Pack by Neala McCarten

I have a few must-haves when I travel. At the top of my list is a lightweight sturdy carryall that's easy on my back. Actually, until I found the Sling Pack by Lewis N Clark that was more on my wish list. But now that it's here and real I won't travel without it.
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myCharge HubPlus: Hyper Charge Your Devices by Patrice Raplee.

The awesome new portable charger for smartphones this season is the myCharge HubPlus. The well-designed and compact HubPlus delivers the fastest possible recharge for smartphones, tablets, E-readers, MP3 and BT speakers. Read the review at

The Pocket Poppet: Cardigan on the Go! (TM)

I confess that I wasn't initially wowed by the Pocket Poppet when the manufacturer sent me one to review. I liked the concept of a cardigan that tucks into its own carrying case but I expected it to have a hidden interior pocket for some of the stuff that I always need to carry with me -- hotel keys and perhaps a cell phone. But when I took my Poppet Cardigan on the Go! on the road I fell totally in love. read more at

Travel Gear Review: Zuca Flyer

You're going on a road trip and every day is a new place to stay, or your flying into several cities without staying more than one night or two in each. That means unpacking and repacking every time. By the end of a few days, isn't everything just thrown around and then stuffed back into a suitcase? Don't you find yourself searching for that one sweater, or that pair of pants that you know is somewhere.

Enter my new favorite piece of luggage -- the ZÜCA Flyer.

SkyCrest: The fun way to find your luggage

I have one of those totally generic but much loved black piece of luggage which I'm always losing on the luggage carousels. My Swany bag has been all over the world, taken much abuse and keeps on travelin'. But I do have a problem finding it amidst all the other pieces of black luggage, even with the tattered ruby-red and gold ribbon tied around the handle.

Read more about SkyCrest Luggage Accessories.

Trekking Gear: For your mountain hike or your everyday adventures

Robert Painter answers the questions: I just trekked over the 17, 769 foot Thorong La Pass in Nepal. This presents two questions. What did I wear and carry and what in the world will I do with it now?

Swany Pocketbag

What weights 8 pounds unpacked, rolls like a dream on all four wheels, and has five different height adjustments for the handle?

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Yak Pak Sling Bag

I'm exploring a new city, or maybe taking a walk in the mountains. I have my camera (heavy DSLR) slung across my shoulder, and a canvas purse which holds everything I could possibly need from a cellphone to a voice-recorder. I am overloaded, and overcome with a need to shed half the "stuff" and the weight. I tried a fanny-pack, and a backpack. One was too small, and the other too big.

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Clothes for On the Go

Like many people who travel a lot, I have special clothes that are the backbone of my on-the-go wardrobe. The rule is sturdy and squishable delicate or temperamental fabrics are useless. These clothes must handle abuse and keep their style and shape.

Read about how to select clothes, and some of our favorites from Chico's and Magellan's and our new favorite item, the Shoul, at Travel Clothes

WinTV HVR 950Q by Hauppauge

Recently, as a traveler and technology consultant, Ed Cardona considered buying a USB TV receiver for his laptop to record his favorite shows while out on the road or away from the hotel at a function.

Read Ed Cardona's report at WinTV - A Review

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December 11, 2015

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