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Read more about Waco Texas at http://www.offbeattravel.com/waco-texas.html

Waco Texas: A guide to the attractions of this Heart of Texas town by Patrice Raplee

Rodeos, corn dogs at the fair, the zoo and sunny afternoon picnics in the park conjure up those long, halcyon days of summer. In the city of Waco, located in the "Heart of Texas", visitors will find these iconic American experiences and more in this appealing western town. Read more at http://www.offbeattravel.com/joys-of-travel-excerpt.html

The Place You Could Be Looking For -- From The Joys of Travel: And Stories That Illuminate Them by Thomas Swick

All hotels are surrogates for home; some of them are more luxurious, some of them less. Even the lowly ones we cherish, because in a place where all our senses are stretched—a new city, a foreign land—they make it okay to fall unconscious. They conquer the alien with the intimacy of a bed. Staying in a hotel is as close as we get to returning to the womb. Read more about the True Western Town of Amarillo Texas
					 at http://www.offbeattravel.com/amarillo-texas-true-western-town.html

Exploring Amarillo Where the West Still Lives by Patrice Raplee

Amarillo, Texas is a vibrant and fun destination for travelers who enjoy western heritage at its finest. This super friendly city is loaded with exciting attractions, natural beauty, excellent restaurants and an offbeat museum or two. How Western is Amarillo? It's been designated as a Top 10 True Western Town

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Read more about LA's largest observation deck at http://www.offbeattravel.com/tji-california-largest-observation-deck-and-slide.html

California's Tallest Open-Air Observation Deck, Opens To Public On Saturday, June 25, 2016

From nearly 1,000 feet above the city in the iconic U.S. Bank Tower,in addition to panoramic views of Southern California, the observation deck will boast a breathtaking thrill factor: the Skyslide, a 45-foot, outdoor, glass slide.

Read more about the Harley Museum Drag Racing Exhibit at http://www.offbeattravel.com/tji-harley-davidson-museum-drag-racing-exhibit.html

Drag Racing: America's Fast Time: Harley-Davidson Museum(R) Special 2016 Summer Exhibit

The year of racing at the Harley-Davidson Museum continues to burn rubber this summer when Drag Racing: America's Fast Time blows open its doors on June 17 through September 5. Drag Racing will go under the hood with the mad scientists of speed to see just how much blood, sweat and elbow grease hot rodders pour into their machines, two wheels or four, in their race against time.

Read more about the Dragon Slaying Festival at http://www.offbeattravel.com/tji-germany-slaying-of-dragon-folk-festival.html

Germany's Oldest Folk Spectacle: Slaying of the Dragon

The Drachenstich (Slaying of the Dragon) festival is Germany's oldest and one of the most impressive traditional folk spectacles, held every August in Furth im Wald in the Bavarian Forest.

 Read more about Crystal Lagoon in Las Vegas at http://www.offbeattravel.com/tji-las-vegas-lagoon-beaches.html

Bringing the Beach to Las Vegas: Crystal Lagoons has big plans

Las Vegas seems to do everything in a big way. Nothing is to over-the-top or impossible. So, why not create a beach and a lagoon on the Strip? Plans call for setting a new record for the largest Crystal Lagoon in the U.S.

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