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Two Weeks of Trips from Nimes Through Southern France by Glen Cowley

The southern French city of Nimes has a host of sites and events within easy reach for those who come to experience it and all that is within its realm. Here's two weeks of great day trips with historic Nimes as your homebase

Read more about Five Rules for Wildlife Photography at

Five Rules for Wildlife Photography by Richard and Amy Lynn

Written with a touch of humor, these rules are nonetheless serious. Everyone can take wildlife photos, here's how to pull that off.

Read more about exploring colonial Antigua Guatemala at

A Laidback Tour of Colonial Antigua Guatemala by Troy Herrick

A leisurely tour through the unspoiled atmosphere of colonial Antigua is a feast for your senses. Combine well-preserved colonial buildings, pastel coloured homes and cobblestone streets with the spontaneity of ferreting out undiscovered tourist treasures and you have the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Antigua Guatemala. Read more  at

Grapevine Texas Has it All by Neala McCarten

Several times a day, a gunfight breaks out in Grapevine Texas. This cheery town about 10 minutes northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport isn't filled with violence, and these aren't actors pretending to shoot one another on the streets. It's Nat Barrett and Willy Majors, animatronic outlaws circa 1890 who argue and finally battle it out high above the gathered crowds. But this friendly town also offers an urban wine trail, great art, historic trains, and healthy chocolate. Read more about Seville Spain at

Searching Seville Spain for its Heroes, History, and Architecture by John Thomson

We're sitting at an outdoor cafe on the Alameda de Hercules, a broad tree-lined boulevard in central Seville, Spain's fourth largest city and the capital of Andalusia. Legend has it that Hercules discovered Seville and the Alameda is named after that mythic hero. Hercules didn't, of course, but old stories die hard and Seville has parlayed the Greek hero, or at least his name, into a tourist attraction. Read more about Hercules, Columbus, Alcazar and much more

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Read more about photo ops in Ireland at tji-top-ten-best-places-for-great-photos-ireland.html

Ireland's Top Ten Best Places for Photo Opportunities

When it comes to photography, the Emerald Isle has so many perfect locations for that iconic shot. So for fantastic photos and a few tips to guide your hand, focus up. Here's a snapshot of Irish tourism's top 10 photo opportunities on the island . Read more  at

Abilene Texas: Bringing Loved Characters to Life

Abilene not only celebrates children's storybooks, it brings them to life with a downtown filled with beloved characters and a yearly festival to add even more. Read more about Texas Sites and the Alamo as World Heritage Sites

Remember the Alamo: Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The San Antonio Missions have officially been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An elite list with just 22 existing U.S. landmarks included, the five Missions (including The Alamo) are taking their place among other great American historic and cultural institutions like the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall, in addition to natural treasures such as the Grand Canyon and world wonders like the Great Wall of China. It's time now to "Remember the Alamo," the first San Antonio Mission.

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