Seven Secrets of Chennai: More than South India's cultural capital by Shobha Sriram

Ever heard of hanging gardens of hot Chennai? Neither had I, despite living most of my life in the south Indian metropolis. But all that was to change when Meri again stepped into the city this winter. Read about the Secrets of Chennai.

Surprising Winter Park Florida: An art-filled, food-filled charming town by Neala McCarten

I loved Winter Park as soon as I saw its tree-lined streets, historic train station, shops and restaurants. But that wasn't the reason I visited this not-quite-suburb of Orlando. I went to see the Morse Museum with its extensive collection of Tiffany art and found so much more to love in Winter Park.

Exploring Cuba Through Dance (and a bit of baseball) by Carrie Seidman

As I boarded the plane at Havana's Jose Marti Airport to return to Tampa after a week-long stay in Cuba I felt pulled in two directions. Part of me couldn't wait to sit down to go to the bathroom, run on a level sidewalk and breath something other than exhaust-filled air. But the other part wanted never to leave this enchanting island, where music and dance are inextricably woven into the fabric of daily life. In Cuba the pace is unhurried and the people are as warm as the humid air.

The Harsh Legacy of Grytviken, Antarctica by Dave G. Houser

Grytviken: A marvel of whale-slaughtering efficiency at its zenith between the two World Wars, Grytviken whaling station could process up to 25 whales, averaging 60 -70 feet long, in 24 hours. Closed for nearly five decades, Antarctica's first whaling station is a rusting reminder of environmental irresponsibility...and a haunting memorial to both hunter and hunted.

Three Amazing Days In Western Iceland by Patrice Raplee

Iceland is a terrain of extreme contrasts; it holds an ethereal splendor in the dark wintery months and a beguiling expanse of intense beauty in the spring and summer. The nearly perpetual daylight in this period allows for wide-ranging explorations of the country: from snow-capped peaks, glaciers and volcanoes, to natural, hot springs and rugged landscapes. With a wealth of activities that traverse this pristine land, Iceland beckons to the adventurous.

Anza Borrego: Art in the California Desert by Teresa Bergen

When I stepped out of the car into the desert sand on a warm, still January afternoon, a feeling of quiet seemed to travel up my feet and through my body. Looking out over the flat foreground to the distant hills, the cactus short and the brush scrubby, my view was interrupted only by huge prehistoric creatures. We were playing Hide and Seek with the art of Ricardo Breceda


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