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Northern Belize Lamanai: Jungle Cruises, Mayan Ruins and Bamboo Chicken by Vickie Lillo

We begin our trek through the woodlands. En route to the ruins, we hear the frenzied rustling of tree branches. In the cloying heat of the rainforest, the cedro (British Honduras cedar) showers us with falling leaves, thanks to the crazy antics of a Howler monkey convinced he's a gymnast. With a vociferous bark that sends the hairs bristling on the nape of our necks, he catapults himself onto the far-flung limb of a wild coffee tree. We're having quite a Belize adventure Read more  at

Top Five Things To Do In Vancouver British Columbia by Patrice Raplee

With the city's enormous palette of opportunities for travelers, prioritizing your urban agenda may prove a challenging task Discover the top five things to do in Vancouver B.C. to begin your exciting excursions.

Hop Along in Calaveras California: Jumping Frogs, Giant Sequoias, and Mark Twain by Michael Cervin

The Sierra Foothills in California’s gold country has many traditions, but none so famous, odd and just plain amusing as the frog jumping contest at the Calaveras County Fair. Read more about these hopping frogs and the giant sequoia trees that regularly lure visitors.. Read more  at

Fort Worth Texas: Four free and fabulous attractions by Neala McCarten

Fort Worth is filled with unexpected and free attractions. Here are four things to do and see in Fort Worth Texas that are free and fabulous. And perfect for the whole family.

Northern Colombia: From Cartagena to the forests of Tayrona and El Totumo Mud Volcano

Want adventure? There are adventures to be found in Northern Colombia -- From Cartagena to the forests of Tayrona and El Totumo Mud Volcano

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Historic Dyess Colony: Boyhood Home of Johnny Cash

JR (Johnny) Cash was three years old when his parents, Ray and Carrie Cash, moved to Dyess as part of the Dyess Colony Resettlement Area in 1935. The young boy grew up, went to church there and even suffered his first loss when his beloved brother Jack died following a sawmill accident in 1944. Now, visitors can see the boyhood world of Johnny Cash. Read more  at

Ashford Castle officially reopened by Prime Minister of Ireland

Ashford Castle reopens following a two-year project re-establishing it as one of Europe's finest luxury hotels. Read more  at

Artistic Innovation of Mannequin Design Open at MAD in New York City

Explore the intersection of Art, Fashion and Craft through three decades of innovative Ralph Pucci Mannequins . Read more  at

Vivid Sydney: 18 nights of lights, music, and ideas

The world's largest festival of lights, music, and ideas, Vivid Sydney, delivers its biggest program yet. For 18 nights, from May 22nd through June 8th, Vivid Sydney transforms the city and harbour..

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