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Hiking, Snorkling, and Diving on Kauai by Patrice Raplee

Emerald green vistas, canopies alive with birdsong and the pungent scent of tropical flora draw hikers to explore Kauai Hawaii’s abundant hiking trails. The trail topographies vary from coastlines, valleys, ridges and jungles. With trails to suit everyone, here are some of the best trails
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The Best of Granbury Texas by Neala McCarten

Not only does this Dallas Metroplex town exude friendliness, undeniable charm and range of accommodations, but it also makes a great home base to tour the area. Read more about the top five things that make Granbury a great place to visit.

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The Keys to Miami (or vice versa): There is more to this region than a shaker of salt by Matt Robinson

While many think of big ears and long lines when they think of southern Florida, there is a lot more to do and see, especially for older “kids.” From art and beaches to dining and dancing, to marveling in the truly “awesome” wonders of nature, the region between Miami and Key West can make for a great road trip or series of trips. Read more  at

Picture Perfect Toledo Spain Embraces its Medieval Past by John Thomson

I knew Toledo was a UNESCO World Heritage site. I knew it had been visited by a host of invaders over two millennia, Romans, Visagoths, Muslims and finally Christians and I knew they had all left their mark, incorporating elements of each other's culture into the common thread. That was the appeal of Toledo Read more about Traveling Raad Ny Foillan on the Isle of Man at

Traveling Raad Ny Foillan on the Isle of Man by Glen Cowley

Mother nature smiled upon us as we set about our day's venture exploring the southern shore of Ellan Vannin, the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man's coast breaths from wild abandon on rocky shores to placid calm in sheltered bays with everything in between.

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How to Be Safe Online When You Travel

Summer and travel just go together, but when you roam you still need to be mindful of online safety. Don't bring home unwanted bugs or let hackers burrow into your cell phone or computer. Here's PrivateGiant's Internet security privacy tips keep travelers safe when they roam. .

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Three Perfect Pairings of National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges

"How to make the most of your national park visit this summer? Pair it with a side trip to a nearby National Wildlife Refuge. You won't have to go far to go. Wildlife refuges are located all across the country.. Read more about visiting the boyhood home of Johnny Cash at

Historic Dyess Colony: Boyhood Home of Johnny Cash

JR (Johnny) Cash was three years old when his parents, Ray and Carrie Cash, moved to Dyess as part of the Dyess Colony Resettlement Area in 1935. The young boy grew up, went to church there and even suffered his first loss when his beloved brother Jack died following a sawmill accident in 1944. Now, visitors can see the boyhood world of Johnny Cash.

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