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Read more about exploring Kenilworth Castle at

Stroll Through the Castle and History: Kenilworth Castle by Edd Morris

Kenilworth Castle, considered to be one of the best examples of an English Castle, and a fine ruin to explore, was actually built over several centuries. Much of the castle remains were constructed under the watchful gaze of Robert Dudley 1st Earl of Leicester, and confidant of Elizabeth the 1st. Read more  at

Horseback Riding Across Iceland by Ann Jamieson

If you're thinking about taking a riding vacation, you're probably considering Ireland, or maybe Tuscany, Italy, or perhaps a cattle drive in Montana. But how about something really different? How about Iceland with its glorious, exotic landscape. Iceland is becoming an ever more popular destination for riders with horse touring being one of the fastest growing businesses. Read more about Art Nouveau in Brussels at

The Art Nouveau DIY tour of Brussels by Neala McCarten

No visit to Brussels would be complete without seeing the architectural gems of the Art Nouveau period, a short-lived but highly distinctive style that influenced everything from buildings to jewelry. It was a cultural movement that sought to fuse fine and applied arts to create a complete and integrated design and living environment. Read more about the not-to-be-missed Art Nouveau highlights. Read more about two weeks of trips from Nimes

Two Weeks of Trips from Nimes Through Southern France by Glen Cowley

The southern French city of Nimes has a host of sites and events within easy reach for those who come to experience it and all that is within its realm. Here's two weeks of great day trips with historic Nimes as your homebase

Read more about Five Rules for Wildlife Photography at

Five Rules for Wildlife Photography by Richard and Amy Lynn

Written with a touch of humor, these rules are nonetheless serious. Everyone can take wildlife photos, here's how to pull that off.

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Read more about the largest human-made waves on the planet and where to surf them at

Guinness Storehouse in Dublin One of Europe's Top Destinations: Here's what you can see, do, drink

what is it about the Guinness Storehouse that has it competing with the likes of the Eiffel Tower and the Acropolis? It's a unique experience -- fun, educational, and tasty. Read more about the best rail journeys in Europe at

Europe's Top 5 Scenic Rail Journeys

As air travel has become more and more of a hassle, train travel is becoming an viable alternative. Remember "it's the journey, not the destination" -- railroad journeys are an unique experience, and they can take you to your destination as well.. Read more  at

London Eye Celebrates its 15th Anniversary with these Fun Facts

Since first opening 15 years ago in 2000, the London Eye has become one of the world's most iconic landmarks. But, do you know these fun facts and trivia about the London Eye? .

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