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A Laidback Tour of Colonial Antigua Guatemala by Troy Herrick

A leisurely tour through the unspoiled atmosphere of colonial Antigua is a feast for your senses. Combine well-preserved colonial buildings, pastel coloured homes and cobblestone streets with the spontaneity of ferreting out undiscovered tourist treasures and you have the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Antigua Guatemala. Read more  at

Grapevine Texas Has it All by Neala McCarten

Several times a day, a gunfight breaks out in Grapevine Texas. This cheery town about 10 minutes northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport isn't filled with violence, and these aren't actors pretending to shoot one another on the streets. It's Nat Barrett and Willy Majors, animatronic outlaws circa 1890 who argue and finally battle it out high above the gathered crowds. But this friendly town also offers an urban wine trail, great art, historic trains, and healthy chocolate. Read more about Seville Spain at

Searching Seville Spain for its Heroes, History, and Architecture by John Thomson

We're sitting at an outdoor cafe on the Alameda de Hercules, a broad tree-lined boulevard in central Seville, Spain's fourth largest city and the capital of Andalusia. Legend has it that Hercules discovered Seville and the Alameda is named after that mythic hero. Hercules didn't, of course, but old stories die hard and Seville has parlayed the Greek hero, or at least his name, into a tourist attraction. Read more about Hercules, Columbus, Alcazar and much more Read more  at

A Destination Guide to Magical Granada, Nicaragua by Eleni Gage

When my husbandís work as a coffee trader took us and our toddler daughter to Granada, Nicaragua, for seven months, I didnít know what to expect. What I found was a stunning, somewhat surreal, little city. Granada, Nicaragua is magical. Read more about birding and butterflies in McAllen Texas and the Rio Grande Valley at

Enjoying the Birds and Butterflies of McAllen Texas and the Rio Grande Valley by Neala McCarten

The Rio Grande Valley area is a major USA birding area. Not only is it home to many tropical bird species found nowhere else in the United States, itís also the junction of two major north-south migration routes. As the largest city in the RGV, McAllen is a perfect home base for birding and butterflies. Here are some of the best places for birding and butterflies.
Read more about  Tex Mex sophistication in McAllen Texas at

McAllen Texas: TexMex sophistication in art and food by Neala McCarten

The happy sounds of the Mariachi band greeted me as I emerged from the airport at McAllen, Texas. Although I was not the focus of the music (photographers were gathering around a group of beauty contest winners) it delighted me, and set the tone for my visit. McAllen is a city that will start by surprising you and end up captivating you.

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Quirky Festivals of the Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes in New York State offer a collection of that are worth taking a weekend trip. unique and unusual summer festivals .

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Berlin's Museum Landscape Expands

Berlin's unparalleled cultural landscape of about 180 museums and collections keeps growing, as new special interest museums are opening and renovations are completed at larger establishments. From Spies to Magic and more. Here's an update on Berlin's Museums. Find great classes at Mountain Goat Lodge and learn more about handson 
Colorado at

Hands-on Colorado: From distilling to cheese-making and more

Inspire creativity, feed your crafty soul, and savor hands-on experiences in Colorado. Whether strumming a handmade mandolin or pressing goat milk cheese, savoring homemade sausage or spinning hand crafted yarn, learn a skill and create a craft in mind-expanding workshops all across the state. Discover the art of the craft and gain appreciation and knowledge for a handiwork in Colorado

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