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luxury of the Park Hyatt hotel

Park Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai China: Luxury atop the Shanghai World Financial Center

The Park Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai is the world's highest hotel* and a high-tech luxury aerie. A marvel in subdued tones of black, white and grey. Sleek and contemporary yet warm and welcoming. The night lights glowing softly like ice cubes lit from within.
And definitely user-friendly – all the outlets are set up to accept international plugs. Although we've brought our own adapters, there is no need for them here. We just plug in the power cords.

I fall instantly in love with the bathroom. The stone floor bath combines a tub large enough for two and a true rain shower coming down gently from the ceiling. There are classic Chinese touches. The separate toilet has a cover that senses my approach and raises. It amuses me to walk through the door and say “open sesame” as it obediently opens. It has enough other features to qualify as a unique experience.

Our view is of the Jin Mao tower, an 88-story mega-building and one of the top ten tallest buildings in the world, and the comparatively short but futuristically designed Pearl Tower. At night the colorful lighting of the Pearl Tower and the white lights of the Jin Mao create magic.

During the day we survey the cityscape from the wall of glass that is the focus on the bedroom. Conventional skyscrapers look puny as I peer down from the 82nd floor. The combination of inside sophistication and outside high-concept architecture makes me feel that I’m living in the pages of an architectural magazine.

The rest of the Park Hyatt is as thoughtfully designed as the guest rooms. Tony Chi and his associates created the interior designer and no element was too small for his attention. The goal was “meticulously orchestrated subtleties of the understated rather than an obvious approach” and the result is comfort, elegance, and a sense of beauty that caresses rather than shouts. More examples of the winning combination of Park Hyatt and Tony Chi can be found in the Park Hyatt in Washington, DC

There’s afternoon tea in the Living Room and telescopes scattered about for a closer look at the city below. The 100 Century restaurant offers Chinese, Japanese, and Western cuisine. The 92nd floor bar is Western style with whimsical plastic design elements. The Oriental style bar is the quiet bar decorated in red. Private spaces equally lovely abound.

When we set out to explore Shanghai, we discovered that not only did we love the new Pudong area, but that the abundance of inexpensive taxis put the rest of the city almost at the door. Stop at the desk before you head out and ask them to write down the address in Chinese. English is not widely spoken. In fact, go to their website and print out the page with the address in Chinese. You’ll need that to show to the taxi driver at the airport.

* As of March, 2011 the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong became the world's tallest hotel. and then comes the 1,164-foot JW Marriott Marquis Dubai which, according to Huffpost, has gotten the nod from the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's tallest, as of February, 2013. Being the world's tallest anything is a bit like King of the Hill. Someone is always coming along to try to knock you down.

Neala Schwartzberg