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Read more about Arts And Frank Lloyd Architecture in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands at

Discover Arts And Architecture in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands by Patrice Raplee

Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands, located in the stunning Allegheny Mountains, is among the most beautiful regions in the nation. The area is celebrated for its splendid architecture, parks, crystal-clear rivers, lakes and miles of lush forests. Moreover, the Highland's unique resorts and art museums add to the rich cultural landscape for an intriguing destination year-round. Think Frank Lloyd Wright and more.. Read more about Otto Weidt and his Workshop for the Blind: Saving Berlin Jews During the Holocaust at

Otto Weidt and his Workshop for the Blind: Saving Berlin Jews During the Holocaust by Neala McCarten

The story starts with a man coping with his growing blindness and ends as a story about a man who became one of the Righteous Among Nations at Yad Vashem. Itís 1936 in Berlin, Germany. Otto Weidt, almost completely blind, becomes a brush-maker and opens his workshop to others who have lost their sight. It's called the Workshop for the Blind. Read more about Bentonville and Fayetteville at

Fayetteville Arkansas: Land of Great Art, WalMart, and Miles of Hiking by Robert Painter

Fayetteville, Arkansas may not be what you expect. If you're thinking of wandering the hills looking for old, abandoned stills and a backwards culture you're sure to be surprised. Think great art and great hiking, and more

Read more about visiting Losinj and its spas at

Rejuvenating the Psyche in Losinj Croatia by Denise Mattia

Pine trees appear like dark brush strokes against a mauve sky, framing Losinj off the northern Adriatic coast of Croatia. Visitors, mostly Europeans, come to this enchanting, herb-enriched island to experience the health and beauty benefits for which it is famous. Read more about the Morse Museum and other  Must-Visit Unexpected Museums at

Five Unexpected Museums: Add these to your must-visit list by Neala McCarten

Every city in the USA has a lineup of art and history museums. They are a delight to visit as a traveler and a crucial part of cultural life for residents. But some cities have museums, collections, and exhibits that you won't find anywhere else..

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Read more about the reopening of the Verdun Memorial Museum at

Verdun World War I Memorial Museum Reopens

First opened in 1967, the Verdun Memorial Museum is located as it is in the heart of the battlefield. After more than two years of extensions and renovations the museum reopens. Inside, the permanent exhibition invites visitors to follow in the footsteps of a soldier serving at Verdun. Personal effects, wartime documents, eyewitness reports, the insight of historians and more contemporary media come together and draw on each other Read more about Baltimore's new Light City festival at

Baltimore to Launch First Large-scale Light, Music and More Festival

Light City, a new immersive international festival of bright lights and big ideas will launch in Baltimore, Maryland March 28-April 3, 2016. The free seven-day event will feature free entertainment including 29 large-scale original works of light art, plus more than 50 concerts, 100 performances. Read more about Costa Rica's best national parks at

Costa Rica: Top Five Most Visited National Parks

From protected rainforests to active volcanoes and cascading waterfalls, Costa Rica is home to an impressive 28 national parks and 8 biological reserves. Begin by exploring one of the five most visited national parks in the Costa Rica.

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Our roundup of new openings, renovations, and really cool things about hotels, resorts, and lodging around the world.

Read more Hotel News at

Hilton Worldwide Unveils Tru: Revolutionary New Midscale Brand

Tru by Hilton, filling a void in the midscale category in the U.S. and Canada, believe that being cost conscious and having a great stay don't have to be mutually exclusive. Read more about Opal Sands in Clearwater Beach at

Opal Sands Resort: New luxury hotel opening in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Opal Sands Resort is set to open by March 2016 in Clearwater Beach, setting the bar for luxury beachfront accommodations, and every room in the Opal Sands Resort has a gorgeous water view.
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January 29, 2016