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Three Great Places to Dive in the Caribbean: Trinidad and Tobago, Monserrat and Costa Rica

Trinidad and Tobago, Monserrat and Costa Rica are perfect for divers and non-divers alike. All three tropical destinations offer travelers unique aquatic adventures in a laid back atmosphere. Here's some of the great places to dive and explore.

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Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, divers can explore both Pacific and Caribbean waters, with the biggest dive sites located in the Pacific side. Cocos Island and Isla Murcielagos (Bat Island) are the best places for diving with sharks and other large species. Playas del Coco in the Guanacaste region, Catalina Islands (Flamingo, Guanacaste) and Cano Island, famous for having Costa Rica's largest concentration of coral-building organisms along the Pacific Ocean, are perfect for divers wishing to encounter hundreds of multicolored fish such as angelfish, damselfish, butterflyfish, needlefish, squid and rays/ It's also great for exploring underwater caves and breathtaking coral reefs.


Montserrat's coral reefs are teeming with exotic wildlife, some of which can't be found anywhere else in the world. Travelers can swim from Little Bay toward Rendezvous Beach, the island's only white sand beach, and go diving to explore the rich coral and marine life, including playful dolphins, pipefish, eagle rays, green turtles and nurse sharks. Divers can also access the two caves that house Montserrat's colony of Antillean fruit-eating bats with a tour guide.


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Tobago has a few true coral reefs, such as Angel Reef and Buccoo Reef where divers can find thousands of barrel, rope and tube sponges on the reef, which are home to countless invertebrates, hydroids and fish. Divers who wish to catch a glimpse of the largest brain coral in the world should head to Speyside, which is located on the northeastern tip of Tobago. Divers can also expect to spot barracudas, dolphins, turtles, even the occasional manta rays as well as butterfly fish, queen and French angels and parrotfish in this area.

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