Review of Travelwise packing cubes

TravelWise Packing Cubes: Lightweight, Convenient and Versatile

I was recently asked to try out the sets of packing cubes by TravelWise and loved them. They come in a 3 piece set and a 5 piece set so you can select the one that would work best for you. I liked the larger set because it offers so much flexibility, but the smaller set is also excellent for travelers. Here's why.

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I am a total fan of packing cubes. Although quite messy in other parts of my life, when I travel, everything is neatly arranged. Why? Mostly because it makes finding my clothes easier when I'm on the road and instantly unpacks into drawers. It's also helpful because the TSA has gone through my luggage (looking for the metal pen I was given on a trip that could kinda look menacing when scanned, or the jelly that sets off the alarm for its viscosity) and I like to make it easy for them to find whatever it is.

The largest of the "cubes" (really, they are far more like rectangles) is the exact same size as a standard piece of carryon. No wasted space on any side.

Personally, I do a combination of flat and rolled packing -- depending on the items. And I use a mix of cubes and noncubes.

I keep shoes separate in disposable heavy plastic bags. Toiletries can break and leak and so I use a special padded bag for those items. Everything else fits into cubes.

Travelwise cubes are also breathable -- mesh segments allow clothing to stay fresher and let you see what's inside. They come with strap handles as well, if you just want to carry one or two with you. This can be handy for roadtrips when you may not want to drag the entire suitcase inside, but do need to bring in some items.

The smaller cubes have expandable sides increasing the volume of the cube so items are less likely to become creased. The varied dimensions of the 5 piece set makes it easy to arrange the cubes in your suitcase for the most efficient use of space.

Of course, if you use checked luggage, the five piece set enables you to use all the cubes -- and those large suitcases tend to be the most disorganized.

Made of lightweight nylon they are durable and weigh almost nothing. The double zippers that work in both directions are important advantages.

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August 17, 2017

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