Travel Gear Review: Zuca Flyer


You're going on a road trip and every day is a new place to stay, or your flying into several cities without staying more than one night or two in each. That means unpacking and repacking every time. By the end of a few days, isn't everything just thrown around and then stuffed back into a suitcase? Don't you find yourself searching for that one sweater, or that pair of pants that you know is somewhere.

Enter my new favorite piece of luggage -- the ZÜCA Flyer.

Started in 2004 by Laura Udall who wanted to develop a better carry-all for her school-aged daughter. Together with her engineer husband, Nick, they created a company that has clearly expanded, but has kept to the same design principles.

ZÜCA has completed re-engineered packing. The heart of the system is a vertical column of mesh packages. They come in different depths for different types of clothing. Deeper ones for sweaters and pants, shallow ones for underwear and small lightweight items. Roll you them up, place like items in a package, and stack the packages up one atop the other.

ZÜCA unzips to expose the packages. To "unpack" I simply removed them and pulled out exactly the items I wanted. I never even opened a drawer. I just put the two or three packages I needed on the dresser. The next day I stacked them back into the Flyer, zippered up and was ready to hit the road again. There was even enough room next to the mesh packages to tuck in a pair of soft boots.

The Flyer has plenty of pockets for smaller items, papers, and a clear plastic pouch for liquids. There's even a mesh bag inside the zippered cover for more stuff.

It's built with a sturdy lightweight frame that you can even use as a perch for your legs, or a sit down. There are two wheels and two legs that keep the flyer from flying down the hill, or tipping over when you sit on it. And it comes with a cover that protects the zippers and compartments when you fly.

If you've always thought that there must be a better system for packing, you were right. And it has arrived! It's name is ZÜCA

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Published: March 25th, 2014

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