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Pocket Poppet Travel Cardigan: No Longer For Sale

I confess that I wasn't initially wowed by the Pocket Poppet when the manufacturer sent me one to review. I liked the concept of a cardigan that tucks into its own carrying case but I expected it to have a hidden interior pocket for some of the stuff that I always need to carry with me -- hotel keys and perhaps a cell phone. But when I took my Poppet on the road I fell totally in love.

So I was saddened to discover that it is no longer available for sale.

But, here's why I loved it. When I travel I'm generally gone from the cool of the morning through the heat of the afternoon, and sometimes back into the cool of the evening. Usually I drag a sweater or jacket which I then have to stuff into my bag and it's rarely an attractively style jacket... because I know I'll be stuffing it into and taking it out of that bag. It's going to get dragged around a lot.

But the Pocket Poppet's own case meant I could take it out, give it a shake and wear a quite nicely style sweater (or as they call it -- the Cardigan on the Go! TM.) Sun warming up the day? No problem, fold it up and tuck it into the carrying case that actually sits inconspicuously inside said Cardigan. Put it in my bag, squishing it up if necessary.

It's true, you won't be able to use the Cardigan on the Go! (TM) to carry anything. But really, there's so many other items better suited for cellphones and credit cards and room keys (which shouldn't all be jammed together anyway) that you might as well used them. I bought a lovely large black nylon (and rather stylish) bag in which I find myself stuffing all kinds of vital miscellany.

The Cardigan on the Go! (TM) is sturdy, light, convenient, warm and made in America. I like all of those things.

Maybe someone else will try to develop a similar product.

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Updated: January 22, 2017

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