MyCharge(R) All Terrain Portable Charger

Who couldn't benefit from having a tough and durable lightweight power source to charge that flagging cellphone?
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When I travel not only is my Android a cellphone, it's also my GPS and my access to email and of course, texting, all of which use a lot of power. Oh, yes. I even make phone calls on it.

My real nemesis is rental cars. I've discovered that they often plug up the charging port leaving me in the middle of a strange city with my phone and its GPS slowly going dark. But I could just as easily be hiking in the mountains, enjoying a day by a river, or even trying to text a friend when my phone quits on me.

A bit of power insurance would be a lovely thing. Or a way to extend the life of a battery. Of course, there are chargers out there, but there's one other thing it would be nice to have -- a portable charger that's able to take a bit of punishment. MyCharge All Terrain is just that.

The All Terrain is waterproof, dirt proof, and shock proof. Yes, I did test it by dropping it on hard tile floors and submerging it in water. As long as the protective cover is locked in place, it really can stand a bit of a dunking.

In terms of power, it fully charged my cellphone and still had enough juice for a second charge.

Under the latched cover is the USB output opening and the input port for the charging of the myCharge. A charging cable for the myCharge is included. You'll just need your charging cable for your own device.

I had planned to tell you how long it would maintain full charge but after weeks there was with no discernable drop in power level.

In addition to holding a charge, the device is rated IP68 (Ingress Protection) on a rating system that defines the levels of sealing effectiveness. It can withstand water, dirt, and dust. And the body itself is impact resistant.

According to the manufacturer it is good for 22 hours of power and can also charge tablets and eReaders. Once the battery is fully charged, it stops charging and the powerbanks are rechargeable from empty to full at least 500 times.

Unlike bulky chargers, the All Terrain is small, lightweight (just over 3 ounces) and easy to use. I won't be traveling without it.

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April 28, 2016

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