Lewis N Clark (R) Sling Pack

I have a few must-haves when I travel. At the top of my list is a lightweight sturdy carryall that's easy on my back. Actually, until I found the Sling Pack by Lewis N Clarke that was more on my wish list. But now that it's here and real I won't travel without it.

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Part of their ElectroLight Collection the Sling Pack comes in electric blue with vivid yellow accents that also make it impossible to misplace. You can also get it in red with black accents.

The Sling Pack squishes down into a tiny 3.5 inch square pouch for easy packing. Made of ultralight, durable silnylon it weighs a minuscule 2 ounces. The pouch itself can function as a tiny ditty bag for earphones, etc. that you want to keep separate and easily found. It can actually attach to an inner fastener. There's also a deep internal pocket into which I tucked my cellphone.

Silnylon is a favored fabric for lightweight outdoor gear. Its base is nylon, but it is coated with liquid silicone on both sides making it sturdy and water-resistant.

I've used it on trips around town, stuffed with all the detritus I usually carry -- walled, phone, keys, miscellaneous stuff I cram into what used to be called a makeup bag, pens, paper, etc. etc. Carried everything with ease.

But the real test is when I'm hiking and I have it strapped across my back. Here's where the Sling Pack was invaluable. It isn't a back pack and there are no cords cutting into my shoulders. Instead there's one nonslip adjustable strap that sits comfortably across my back.

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Dimensions: 17in x 10in x 5in
Weight: 2 ounces

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April 13, 2016

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