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myCharge HubPlus: Hyper Charge Your Devices

The awesome new portable charger for smartphones this season is the myCharge HubPlus. The well-designed and compact HubPlus delivers the fastest possible recharge for smartphones, tablets, E-readers, MP3 and BT speakers.

This cool unit eliminates the need to lug cords around with you while traveling due to the charger's neatly integrated wall prongs, an Apple lightening cable and micro USB cable. The HubPlus can charge two devices at once and with its 6000 mAh capacity, it charges four times faster than other power banks. In addition, the HubPlus recognizes the type of device you plug into it so the correct level of power is delivered while charging your device faster without frying it.

Another great feature of the HubPlus is the four, flush-mounted LED lights that let you know how much charge is left on the unit with just a press of the battery level button. The LED lights blink while plugged into a wall outlet to indicate the charge level and four LED lights stay solid after the HubPlus is fully charged. Moreover, with 45-hours of power, you won't worry about talking, texting, browsing or playing games on your device and running out of a battery charge. And, the extremely useful HubPlus is great for using at home as well. Wall outlets are not always convenient and hassling with cords or remembering where you put them is also annoying. Just plug your smartphone or tablet into the unit and relax in your armchair or in bed without getting up.

Many tech devices come onto the market every day but the pre-charged and ready to use myCharge HubPlus is one of the best products out this year. The robust charger makes a perfect holiday gift for the avid traveler or those tired of carrying cords.

reviewed by Patrice Raplee

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December 11, 2015

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