Specialty Bars in Tokyo

Where and how to enjoy whisky, beer, cocktails, sake, and plum wine

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The Choya Ginza Bar

Umeshu, plum wine, is a traditional liqueur originating in Japan, and spreading out to the world as a cultural experience. Usually served on the rock, straight or mixed with soda or water, CHOYA has chosen innovation with over 70 types of plum wine cocktails.

Hibiya Bar

Scotch, bourbon and Irish whiskey are famous, but there's also Japanese whiskey that is the highlight of a visit to Hibiya Bar. They recommend trying it with their smoked foods for an exquisite whiskey experience.

Shugar Market

This is a make-your-own cocktail place with 100 varieties of plum and fruit wine in an all you can drink venue. Pour as much sake as you like into a provided glass and blend it to create your own original drink. Although the bar serves no food, you are free to bring in your own, order delivery, or even go out and refill your snack once you get the bar stamp on your hand for reentry.

The Griffon

Griffon has brands of craft beer not only domestic but also overseas breweries such as America and Scotland. They usually have more than 20 kinds, from lager and ale to rare brewery beers.


This bar specializes in sake with over 40 varieties that they make into cocktails, sangria, mojito, and even Tiramisu ... all made out of sake. They even have a menu for beginners of Japanese sake and those who think they don't like Japanese sake. All the sake in the restaurant is pure rice sake directly delivered from brewery, and the water used for sake brewing is served in the bar.
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