Time Travel to the Berlin Wall of the 1980's

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Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, TimeRide in Berlin is now dedicating an entirely new attraction to the once-divided city.

On August 24, 2019, the company opens its latest location directly at Checkpoint Charlie. There, virtual reality technology brings the past to life and sends tourists as well as locals on a unique time journey from west to east.

Station 1: Checkpoint Charlie

The start makes a proverbial trip to the front door of Checkpoint Charlie. Equipped with wireless VR glasses and accompanied by TimeRide staff, guests will experience the most famous border crossing in Berlin's history from an entirely new perspective.

Station 2: The View through the Wall

Back at the TimeRide location, the second station provides the proverbial view through the wall. What did everyday life in the West look like? How did people live in the East?

Station 3: The Contemporary Witnesses

The next room focuses on personal life stories. Oversized passports illustrate how different people existed in divided Berlin. Everyone dealt with the separation and the system of the GDR in a distinctive way everyone has different memories. The highlight: guests can choose with whom they want to embark on their VR travel time -- the defiant craftsman, the reflective architect, or the rebellious "border runner" from the West.

Station 4: The Virtual Reality Ride

The most exciting part happens at the end of the VR tour through the divided Berlin: visitors take a seat in a bus from the 1980s and, thanks to virtual reality technology, take off into the past. During the virtual city tour, the time travelers experience a security check at Checkpoint Charlie, drive across Friedrichstrasse, and see the Palace of the Republic shining again in old splendor. At the end of the journey, original pictures of the Fall of the Berlin Wall remind of why this event still shapes Germany so profoundly today.
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August 2, 2019

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