DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy Virtual Reality Experience Comes to Los Angeles

A class of up to eight rookie riders at a time is enlisted in the world's first dragons flight academy led by famed dragon riders, Hiccup and Astrid, and their loyal dragons, Toothless and Stormfly, as they embark on a swooping, swerving free-flying rescue mission to the Hidden World.

The adventure kicks off at Berk, a village featured in the films that teeters high on the cliff tops of a rugged North Sea island, and is home to fierce Vikings and every known species of dragon. In Berk, Dragons and Vikings live together in playful harmony, but poachers pose a constant threat. After mastering their dragon riding skills, the eight rookie riders must band together to complete a perilous rescue mission in the Hidden World, dodging flaming arrows and collapsing ice caverns along the way. In order to earn their dragon wings and become true heroes, the rookie riders must escape as a team unscathed, showing the value of collaboration and teamwork.

The other VR experiences created by Dreamscape Immersive is garnering rave reviews for its merging the technique of "motion capture" used in blockbuster Hollywood movies with sophisticated programming and a deep understanding of body mechanics. The result is a platform that tracks six people simultaneously, in real-time, with full body presence, and render them as characters inside a computer generated world.

This is a trailer for another of their VR adventures called Alien Zoo.

According to their press information: Suddenly the limits of VR were gone. You were no longer a lone observer, you became a participant. Immersive storytelling and shared experiences were a real possibility. VR was more than a device, it was a destination.

Dreamscapes are currently located in Los Angeles and Dallas, with new ones coming.

Guests who require a wheelchair must be able to self-transfer to one of Dreamscape's specially equipped wheelchairs.

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December 3, 2019

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