Going Wild at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

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Just outside Glen Rose is a magical place – Fossil Rim Wildlife Center where visitors can go eye-to-eye with an emu or have a giraffe eat from your hand with their big fuzzy soft tongues before shambling back to nibbling on the leaves of trees. Or see a Ring of Steel formed by sable antelopes to protect the children.

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Not to mention the fascinating tidbits of information – a roan antelope can actually attack and kill a lion. Our love for zebras is not returned – they are not friendly animals. While zoos pen animals up for our convenience, Fossil Rim pens up humans to allow the animals to roam.

About Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

The 1700 acre Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is home to 1000+ animals and 50 species of which about 30 are currently on the endangered species list. Different sized pastures and specially constructed cattle guards to separate them.

Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Fossil Rim is quite proud that their preservation efforts are so successful that two of the species in the Center that are extinct in the wild are being brought back through their efforts. They have their own hospital and 2 veterinarians on staff.

Although there is a drive-yourself option, the guided tour is a better choice. The open-aired vehicles are known to the animals who feel quite comfortable coming up for food treats. Visitors are encouraged to hand feed the giraffes with their large gentle fuzzy tongues, but the ostriches or emus must be feed rather carefully. Driving in a car you might not realize that not all the animals visiting you have good table manners.

Tours and Lodging

There’s a wide range of tours available from photography through to sweetheart tours and dinners. You can even choose to go along with the Animal Keepers as they check on all the critters in their charge.

But there’s more than these guided tours going on. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center also offers lodging on the grounds, including a B&B in the Lodge which was the original “ranch house” while half a mile from the Lodge if the Foothills Safari Camp with seven “tent” cabins but these come with two twin beds, a private bath, ceiling fans and central heat and air. Plus, it overlooks one of the animals’ favorite watering holes. Here again, visitors are fenced in, although in this case for their own safety.

If you’ve yearned to get up close to some of these wild creatures with a camera (without traveling to Africa) – you’ll be in heaven. I know I felt that way.

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Neala McCarten

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Published: May 4th, 2015

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