Why You Should Visit Bali at least Once in Your Lifetime

Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands and is the world's largest island country. The country's population is over 263 million people, but regardless, it is still home to an immense wilderness. Being situated along the equator, on the Pacific ring of fire, Indonesia gets more than its fair share of earthquakes and volcanoes. However, nature and culture attract millions of visitors worldwide every year with the province of Bali being the primary destination for most tourists.

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So, why should you visit Bali at least once in your lifetime? Read on to discover why Bali remains a top tourist attraction.

Idyllic Beaches

The unending list of many fantastic beaches is probably the best reason why you need to visit this tropical paradise. This is not the place where just any beach will do. Each beach has its charm, so whether you want soft white sand, limestone cliffs or extreme water sports and diving, you are well covered. From the mainstream Kuta and luxurious Nusa Dua neighbourhoods to some discrete beaches, Bali has beaches for everyone to meet different moods and needs. You are not confined to one choice. How amazing is it to have beach options to choose from without flying miles away? Sounds worth a try right? At Bali, you get all these and more.

Ultra-romantic Restaurants

If you want to impress your spouse, then this is the place. Bali is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations worldwide. It's easy to see why since here you get to dine on a rushing river or in a tower in the middle of the jungle. Sounds romantic right? In Bali, you'll come across countless ultra-romantic restaurants with some unique settings and impeccable service like nothing you've ever experienced before. Bali is no doubt, a lovers' paradise.

Impressive Hiking Adventures

Bali is one of the best hiking destinations, thanks to its breathtaking scenery. Make sure if you want to hike it's during the dry season to have a fantastic experience. When it's dry, it becomes more comfortable to hike to the top of the mountains without worrying about slippery and wet trails. Likewise, if the purpose of the hike is to enjoy the views of the scenery, the dry season is the best since there won't be clouds and mist. Therefore, you get the perfect view from high up the hills, and the slopes are as bright as they come. Any photos you take are likely to be much better as opposed to those taken during the rainy season. If you want the ultimate hiking experience, then Bali is the place.

Get a Taste of Indonesian Food

Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to food, it's not any different. If you are a self-proclaimed foodie, Bali is the answer. For ages, Indonesian food has been known for its incredibly tasty, vibrant and full of flavour. By travelling to Bali, you get to enjoy some amazing dishes you'll be planning on how you can carry some home with you. What's even better about the Indonesian

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
food is that it's quite affordable. You can try absolutely anything you want. If it's your first time being to Bali, try food like beef rendang, nasi campur, nasi goreng and chicken satay. Food variety here is superb, and you might add a few kilos before your vacation ends.

Bali Has Never-ending Adventure

This tropical paradise doesn't lack something to do for anyone. It's one of those cities you can rest assured you'll find an activity that captivates your soul. If you love adventure, there's a lot to do. For instance, if you love surfing, you won't be short of excellent surfing spots. You can also rent a board and learn how to ride the waves. As part of your adventure, you can jump from the cliffs and slide down through a natural waterslide. If that's a little scary, there are artificial slides at the Waterbom that you can look to exploit. Another popular adventure in Bali using a submarine to descend into the sea. If you like, you can dive by yourself and walk on the seabed. Whatever you want, Bali has it. All you need to do is be physically ready to try as many adventures as possible.

Beautiful Sunsets

There's something about sitting on the beach and watching the sunset. The view is quite beautiful and worth every minute of your time. In Bali, famous beach towns in the south like Uluwatu, Jimbaran and Kuta all have fantastic sunset views. If you go southwest, you'll find Seminyak and Canggu which too have the best sunset views over the ocean you've ever seen in your entire life. If you want you can go for happy hours at beach clubs nearby or grab your drinks and relax on the beach waiting for the sun to set. The latter is peaceful and a perfect way to meditate and reflect on your life. Don't forget to bring your camera and capture the sunset view, which is often quite beautiful. These moments are worth living for.

Warm Hospitality

One of the things that the Balinese people are well known for is their hospitality. They believe in karma and harmony. The people of Bali treat everyone as one of their own. They make you feel at home, and their culture is one of the easiest to adjust to. Once you are here, you don't have to worry about being a new place and being left out. Balinese people are the most friendly people you are likely to meet and will make your stay as enjoyable as possible. There's a high possibility once you leave you'll be yearning to go back to Bali.

The Art

If you would do with a fantastic artistic vibe, Bali is the place to go. Balinese create art nearly all the time. That means while on your visit you'll come across galleries in almost all neighbourhoods, traditional art products in various stores and murals on every corner. The entire island has an artistic vibe that you should appreciate if you are an art lover. You can purchase some handmade arts to remind you of your visit to this tropical paradise.

So, with the above reasons for visiting Bali at least once in your life, do you think it's time to get your flight ticket to Bali? It's quite affordable; you only need to make the decision. There are numerous attractions in Bali so you can bet it will be a fantastic adventure if you choose to explore.

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