Doctor Who in Cardiff Wales

The Doctor Who Experience

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Beautiful Cardiff Bay features dozens of boutique shops and top restaurants. This area offers several fine hotels, inns and bars as well as the Wales Millennium Centre, Mermaid Key and for Doctor Who fan, the ultra-cool Doctor Who Experience

The BBC's Doctor Who Experience is essential for fans of the Doctor and houses the major collection of props, costumes, sets and artifacts from the new series.

Guests begin the tour with the Tardis (blue police public call box) situated on a green screen studio. Have one of your party take a photo of you with the Tardis. Then, trek through various sets from the series where you'll find the scary Cybermen looming over you about a foot away. There is even a stage show filled with moving and agitated Dalek threatening to exterminate you. Almost every costume or major prop from Doctor Who is on display for a close-up view, including the Victorian period costumes worn by David Tennant and Billie Piper.

Doctor Who in Cardiff Wales

Furthermore, it's a lot of fun to walk through and recognize particular aliens from the show; remember the creepy red-eyed Ood? By the end of the exhibit, you'll want to peruse through the sci-fi shop and find some Doctor Who memorabilia to take home.

The Experience is fantastic for all ages and fans will be elated.

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