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Digging Dinosaurs and Exploring National Monuments in Fruita Colorado

A small boy stares up wide-eyed into the ferocious jaws of the Dilophosaurus. The carnivorous Dinosaur bares his teeth and spits forth a stream of colorless venom, as the boy jumps back with a squeal. Of course, it is a robotic dinosaur and much larger than the actual Dilophosaurus that lived during the early Jurassic period and the venom is only water. However, the boy is delighted to take part in the fun at Dinosaur Journey in Fruita, Colorado.

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The Dinosaur Journey Museum

Fruita is located in northwestern Colorado and about 11 miles west of Grand Junction. Dinosaur Journey Museum is part of the Western Museum of Colorado, providing visitors with a fun and educational experience. The museum features incredible life-like robotic dinosaurs, dinosaur fossils, hands-on exhibits and a working fossil preparation laboratory; guests are able to watch the museum scientists at work.

Dino Digs

In addition, the museum offers an amazing program to participate in a dinosaur dig. Have you ever dreamed of working side-by-side with a paleontologist on a digging site to discover real dinosaur bones? If Jurassic dinosaurs thrill you or your family, then here is your chance to book an exciting paleontology expedition.

The Dino Digs consists of one to five-day expeditions, including hikes) working with museum scientists to excavate dinosaur bones and locate dinosaur tracks from Colorado and Utah quarries.

Guests at Dinosaur Journey Museum can even go to and work on an actual dig. http://www.offbeattravel.com/dinosaur-museum-digs-national-monument-fruita-colorado.html
One of the digs takes place at Rabbit Valley along the Morrison Formation where participants meet with experienced bone preparators at the Mygatt-Moore site. The site was discovered in 1981 and has been worked since 1984. Many Allosaurus and Apatosaurus (what most people know as a Brontosaurus), bones and fossils are found in this site; to date about 4000 have been excavated at Mygatt-Moore.

A Paleontologist instructs guests on the correct tools and procedures for dinosaur bone excavation.

Excavating Bones

The tools used for your Dino Dig are a paintbrush, screwdriver, small hammer, bucket and, oh yes, a hat and plenty of sunscreen. After tool procedure and careful instruction, guests work along side one of the scientists at a specific area on the site that is in the process of bone excavation. When you find a dinosaur bone or bone fragment that is millions of years old, it is quite exhilarating to realize that you are the first person ever to see it.

Many individuals, couples and families often find bones and fragments. And, kids are absolutely giddy-happy to dig for dino bones, make discoveries, be allowed to get dirty in the name of science and take back home an exciting experience of a lifetime.

Guests at Dinosaur Journey Museum can even go to and work on an actual dig. http://www.offbeattravel.com/dinosaur-museum-digs-national-monument-fruita-colorado.html

The Museum of Western Colorado offers a variety of expeditions and accompanying hikes, such as the wonderful and educational Trail Through Time hike on BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) located adjacent to the Mygatt-Moore site. The interpretive trail hike leads visitors past visible dinosaur fossilized vertebras and bones embedded in the rock formations that were to fragile to excavate. The views along the hike are stunning and your guide will talk about the area's geological formations and point out many fascinating features along the trail. For additional information on the Dinosaur Journey Museum and Dino Digs, visit Museum of Western Colorado

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