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Kelly Acheson is a freelance writer living in Santiago, Chile. She is an avid traveler and particularly enjoys exploring and writing about South America. Her work has appeared in Southern Pacific Review and Offbeat Travel. She can be reached at

Yvonne Addario is a world traveler, undersea explorer and part owner of a treasure ship that is still being recovered today. She writes for niche of actual and armchair adventurers who long to hear more of "the golden age of piracy" from the past to the present. She has published Diving for Sunken Treasure and written, designed and published Treasure Diving with Captain Dom, available through Barnes and Noble, many national and independent book/nautical sellers. Her articles have been published in both newspapers and magazines.

George Bailey has explored the far reaches of the world, including Antarctica. He contributes regularly to the QMI Agency's 43 daily newspapers across Canada, as well as numerous magazines. He has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, The Discovery Channel, Canada Am, and Live with Regis. He has published five books on Niagara Falls and one on Marilyn Monroe. Photos courtesy of George Bailey.

Stephen Bailey is a freelance writer and videographer from the North of England. After living in the sun of Ibiza, Cape Town, and the Middle East, he's somehow ended up in the rain ravaged Dutch town of Delft. He writes for a variety of publications, as well as tourism boards across the world, but his speciality is the stories that have no commercial value and nobody really believes; like surfing with Zulu witch doctors, entering Iran illegally, and hanging out with Afghani tribal chiefs. Find him at or email him at:

Hank Barton is a second generation trucker-philosopher with a penchant for the written word. He enjoys blogging about life on the open road. He writes for E-Gears, an online CDL Test authority that specializes in a variety of study guides.

Teresa Bergen lives in Portland, Oregon and writes about health, fitness and travel. She's the author of Vegetarian Asia Travel Guide. In addition to writing, she teaches yoga and group fitness classes. You can learn more about Teresa at

Mark Bradley has always had a pent up desire to see the world going back to the time he saw his first movie travelogue at the tender age of ten years old. At the turn of the new millennium when it suddenly dawned on him -- it was time to see the world. He says "I pledged to visit all 50 US states by my 50th birthday in 2005" and did so with his final four states coming into view as he followed the Lewis and Clark Trail on the bicentennial of their epic journey. With five continents and fifty states in his rearview mirror, he looks forward to continuing to explore all this big, beautiful world has to offer.

Maureen C. Bruschi is a freelance travel and sports writer and photographer. She lived in Istanbul, Turkey for two years and has traveled to over 15 countries. She has been published in a number of publications including Travel Post Monthly, The Writer, BootsnAll Travel,, blog and USTA Middle States Section.

Andy Burnham is the founder and editor of the Megalithic Portal which he has run since 2001 with the assistance of many volunteer editors and site admins. He is a chartered engineer specialising in electronic systems (CEng, MIET)

Deborah (Deb) Burst is a born storyteller, an author, and an award winning writer/photographer. A Navy brat, she built snowmen in our nation's capital, sandcastles in the pink sands of Bermuda, and continues her wanderlust for new lands across the globe. A romantic and a love for train travel; she pens a poetic journey exploring the forgotten landscapes across the states and beyond. In her 15-year career as a freelance writer she has published more than 1,000 articles and three times as many photographs including national covers. She has written five books in five years featuring trails of historic churches, cemeteries and magical forests. Photo galleries and signed books available on her website,

Geoff Burton spent 27 years writing about travel, food and film for publications both in the USA and around the world. His articles have appeared in Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan), Der Spiegel (Germany), Le Monde (France). His AfroTrek/CinemaTrek, the number three entertainment website in Chicago area.

Michael Cervin is the author four Moon travel books, and two travel blogs He is the contributing travel writer, and restaurant critic for the Santa Barbara News Press. Notable publications include Decanter Magazine, Westways, Wine Enthusiast, Skywest, The Writer, Wine & Spirits, Food & Beverage World, and more than 80 others. He also contributes to NPR, and is a regular travel expert on the award-winning Around the World Radio, and The Big Blend's Vacation Station.

Tracy A. Burns lives in Prague where she writes travel articles about the Czech Republic for her blog, Tracy’s Travels, at She has also written many travel pieces for Private Prague Guide at Private Prague Guide. She writes essays, book reviews and fiction for Kosmas, too. Her articles in English also have been printed in The Washington Post, Czech Business Weekly, Prague Leaders Magazine and The Prague Post, to name a few. Her writings have appeared on the Internet pages of Czech Radio. She has published extensively in Czech. Her works in Czech have appeared in Lidove noviny, Literarní noviny, Listy, Reflex and numerous other publications. In her free time she travels, most often to castles and chateaus in the Czech Republic.

Richard Campbell has written route guides for hiking in Canada, USA, UK and Italy. In addition, he has written about ski touring, cycling and snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountains. Richard also routinely writes gear reviews for brands such as Arc'teryx and MSR. Richard gained his love of the outdoors by spending summers hiking all over the world, including the Alps, Rockies, Himalayas, Andes and Pyrenees. Find more at 10Adventures

Alex V. Cook is a Baton Rouge writer whose work has appeared in the Oxford American, The Believer, The Wire, and DownBeat. In his book Louisiana Saturday Night music critic Cook uncovers south Louisiana's wellspring of musical tradition, showing us that indigenous music exists not as an artifact to be salvaged by preservationists, but serves as a living, breathing, singing, laughing, and crying part of Louisiana culture.

Glen Cowley Since 1994 Glen Cowley has parlayed his interest in sports, travel and history into both books and articles. The author of two books on hockey and over sixty published articles ( including sports, biographies and travel) he continues to explore perspectives in time and place wherever his travels take him. From the varied landscapes of British Columbia to Eastern Canada and the USA, the British Isles, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Greece and France he has found ample fodder for features. His latest book, Amber River, a guide to unique pubs of Vancouver island and the Salish Sea.

Caroline (Caz) Crutchley is a freelance, British born travel writer residing on Malta in the centre of the Mediterranean for some years. This is an ideal base for her independent travel trips to many of the usual travel destinations. However, her love of venturing off the beaten track has helped her discover places and people who with their stories have enriched the travel experience. Through her travel writing she hopes to encourage other less adventurous travellers to broaden their travel horizons too. Read about the

For the past 25 years, Canadian photographer Nathalie Daoust has been concerned with socio-cultural and political issues surrounding her subjects. She travelled extensively around the world Nathalie’s current project Tent City has brought her to Mongolia and taps into topics of displacement and cultural transition resulting from severe climate change.

Polly Bindman is a freelance journalist based in London, with an MA in investigative journalism from City University.

An avid traveler with an interest in international relations, Linda Fasteson views travel as the best way to better understand the people and places around us. Linda is a member of NATJA and a contributor to Travelworld International Magazine, Offbeat Travel, So Go Now, Real Travel Adventures International, to CNHI newspapers, and is the Contributing Feature Writer on travel for the wire served Explore Magazine, a monthly magazine for active adults.

Juliana Fadeyev has been performing since the age of 4. Her first time of stage she was an angel and the wings inspired her to let her imagination take flight. As a teenager she worked with the Baltimore Theatre Ensemble. Among her many roles there were: Nina/The Seagull, Maggie/After the Fall, Medea/Medea. She founded the acting company Exploring Chekhov, modeling the company on the Stanislavsky Theater of Moscow. Her roles included Yelena/Uncle Vanya, Widow/The Bear, and Masha/Three Sisters. Favorite regional theater roles: Joan/Dames at Sea, Aldonza/Man of LaMancha, Nancy/Olivier. She was fortunate to have studied acting with the great Stella Adler, and also at the Strasberg Institute. In addition to performing, Juliana teaches classical ballet and acting. She has written two screenplays and one book (“Stretch Like A Cat”). Her website is

A 28 year old Australian native hailing from the beautiful South Australia, Maria Fedele is a free-spirited adventurous traveller who loves nothing more than purchasing a one-way ticket and seeing where life takes her. A university graduate with a degree in International Relations and Foreign Politics, Maria takes more than just an interest in cultures, but has often found herself moving countries in order to truly get a feel for how the locals live. From living in Australia to Paris and now London, Maria has also backpacked her way through Europe, volunteered in Nepal and spent days surfing in Morocco. Perpetually in search of sun, surf and sand, she can’t help by feel a little restless when she isn’t planning her next holiday.

Bob Fisher is a freelance Canadian travel journalist, a retired high school teacher, and former marketing manager at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) and a member the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA). He writes in-depth, conceptual travel articles that explore the aesthetic and universal layers of meaning inherent in a destination. Bob prepares and contributes the Destination Canada feature to Talking Travel and is the Associate Producer of Destination Worldview. Sadly, Bob passed on in 2017. He was much loved and is much missed.

Stan Fridstein is a lifelong baseball fan. As for his career in baseball, it was tragically cut short when as a 10 year old, he discovered he couldn't hit a curve ball. Going Yard is a calling for Stan. His financial goal is to "not lose too much money" on the book. However, he believes that helping others realize the remarkable experiences he shared with his son will be reward enough. And if that doesn't work, there's always the good karma that comes out of helping others. Note: Sadly our dear friend and fellow travel-writer has passed on. He is greatly missed by those whose lives he has touched.

Tucky Fussell has been an international educator for the last twenty years. She has taught foreign language and art in private schools around the world, including Pakistan, India, Kuwait, and the Philippines. Currently, she is teaching art in Paraguay. Her book, The Gulf: A Story Of Art, Mystery, And Deception Through Images, is available for purchase on Amazon: The Gulf: A story of art, mystery, and deception through images and wherever books are sold. Learn more at TuckyFussell.

Eleni N. Gage (@elenigage)is the author of The Ladies of Managua (St. Martin's Press) and a journalist who writes regularly for publications including Travel+Leisure, The New York Times, T: The New York Times Travel Magazine, Dwell, Elle, Elle Décor, Real Simple, Parade, and The American Scholar. Currently Executive Editor at Martha Stewart Weddings and formerly beauty editor at People, Eleni graduated with an AB in Folklore and Mythology from Harvard University and an MFA from Columbia University. She lives in New York City with her husband and their two young children.

Author of three poetry collections and a chapbook of short fiction, Joan Gerfand has been published in national and international journals and anthologies. A member of the National Book Critics Circle and Development Chair for the Women’s National Book Association, her poetry film, “The Ferlinghetti School of Poetics,” was featured in the Video Poetry Festival in Athens, Greece and local venues.

Lisa Waterman Grayis a freelance writer and photographer from the Kansas City area who has ballooned over the Rio Grande, savored Quebec's finest restaurants and profiled charismatic celebrities. She has crafted thousands of stories for national, regional, and local print and online publications and loves to write about her travel and food adventures. Lisa also writes human interest, health and business stories. In addition, she is a copywriter, ghost writer, editor and recipe developer. Contact her at or

Bobbie Green grew up in southern California. She is a member of the North American Travel Journalist Association. She is a freelance writer and has been published in various Senior Wire Publications, The Desert Valley Times, Nevada Magazine, Mesquite, Travel World International, and Besides enjoying her love of travel by doing it as often as she can, she enjoys photography and attends numerous travel trade functions. Presently she is enjoying desert living in Mesquite Nevada.

Award winning journalist, Karen Hamlin is a native New Englander who moved south to Florida and now lives near Washington DC. Karen specializes in dropping into new situations and taking the reader along for the ride. First prize winner of the 2003 and 2004 North American Travel Journalists Association competition, Karen's peripatetic travels have taken her through most of Europe, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, China and the Middle East. Karen is a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association, International Travel Writers Alliance, and Washington Independent Writers. Now a veteran world traveler, she writes for national and regional magazines.

Howard Hian is an award winning journalist, affiliated with the North American Travel Journalists Association and the International Travel Writers Alliance. Hian writes a monthly travel feature for The Military Press His column also appears online at Travel Savvy West, Real Travel Adventures and Roadtrips for Couples. You can also visit his website Travels-With-Hian

Known as the guru of accessible travel, Candy Harrington is the author of several accessible travel guides including the classic Barrier-Free Travels; A Nuts and Bolts Guide for Wheelers and Slow Walkers ( Here newest title, 22 Accessible Road Trips; Driving Vacations for Wheelers and Slow Walkers ( features 22 driving routes across the United States with information about wheelchair-accessible sites, lodging options, trails, attractions and restaurants along the way. It’s a great resource for Baby Boomers, couples, families, or anybody who wants to hit the road. Candy also blogs about accessible travel issues at

Troy Herrick, a freelance travel writer, has traveled extensively in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and parts of South America. His articles have appeared in Live Life Travel, International Living, Offbeat Travel and Travels Thru History Magazines. <
Diane Gagnon, a freelance photographer, has traveled extensively in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and parts of South America. Her photographs have accompanied Troy Herrick’s articles in Live Life Travel, Offbeat Travel and Travels Thru History Magazines.

Fyllis Hockman is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance travel writer. She writes regularly for Creators News Syndicate, and is a feature columnist for several online travel magazines. Ms. Hockman's travel stories also have appeared in the New York Post, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Providence Journal, Halifax Herald, Boston Herald, Gazette Newspapers, Asbury Park Press, New Hampshire Sunday News, Buffalo News and many other publications. She is the author of AAA Guidebook: A Photo Journey to Washington, D.C. and co-author of the Pelican Guide to Maryland. Ms. Hockman is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and Travel Journalists Guild.

Dave G. Houser has established himself as one of America's most widely published travel journalists. During his 34-year freelance career, more than 1,200 of his articles and tens of thousands of his photos have appeared in leading magazines, newspapers and online publications worldwide. He has received nearly 40 awards for his work, including three Lowell Thomas Awards. Dave has journeyed to 150 countries and is an avid cruiser, having experienced more than 40 voyages, most of them small-ship expeditions. He resides in St. Augustine, Florida.

Ann Jamieson is addicted to travel. Among her favorite places are Turkey, Iceland, Alaska, New England and Tuscany. She has written numerous articles for magazines and newspapers including a column for the award winning regional paper The Litchfield County Times. Ann currently writes for Today's Equestrian magazine, a regional publication focused on the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area, and authors a popular series of true horse stories titled For the Love of the Horse. Ann lives in Kent, Connecticut with two very entertaining Ocicats, Oliver and Chester. She counts her horse Fred Astaire as a member of her family.

Mari Kane is a writer and blogger living in Vancouver, BC. She blogs about food, wine and travel on her site,, and web masters for the BC Travel Writers at Someday she will finish her wine book. Follow her at @marikane.

Having written as a hobby for many years while serving in the Royal Air Force, Keith Kellett saw no reason to discontinue his hobby when he retired to a village in the south of England, near Stonehenge. With time on his hands, he produced more work, and found, to his surprise, it 'grew and grew' and was good enough to finance his other hobbies; travelling, photography and computers. He is trying hard to prevent it from becoming a full-time job.

Sue King, originally from Brighton on the south coast of England, has been pursuing a life of adventure and living out of a small backpack since 2012. She has visited or lived in over fifty countries and her favorites to date are India and Mexico which she loves for their colorful vibrant cultures.

Kaila Krayewski is an avid traveler and has been writing about her experiences since she started traveling seven years ago. Having backpacked around Southeast Asia, Kaila has now started up a travel support service, community, and magazine called BlondeTraveler. She currently resides on Koh Phangan, where she doesn't find nearly enough time to visit the beautiful beaches that drew her there in the first place, but loves it just the same.

W. Ruth Kozak has been a historical fiction writer since her teens and a travel journalist for more than 15 years. She also instructs classes on travel writing, creative and novel writing and memoirs. She has travelled extensively, often solo and always on a budget. Her travels inspired her to create a new travel ezine TravelThruHistory She has also written a new novel Shadow of the Lion: Blood on the Moon, and The Fields of Hades of which Alexandria was one of the settings. Blood on the Moon is now available on or in bookstores. Volume Two, Fields of Hades will be published in 2016.

Kristen Kuchar feels the only thing better than cheese, beer, and travel is combining them together. The freelance food writer lives in Chicago with her husband where they are always cooking, eating, and planning their next adventure. She writes for dozens of travel and food publications and has a Journalism and Magazine Writing and Editing degree from Columbia College. You can follow her on Twitter @KristenKuchar.

Laura LaBrie fell in love with exploring new places at the age of six when her father took her to Dunk Island off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Since then, she has nurtured an insatiable curiosity to see what's just around the bend. A member of ITWPA and editor of Det Life, a magazine for military families, Laura writes with a passion to share her experience with others. She has three grown children and two grandchildren and lives with her husband on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

Vickie Lillo is a Florida-based travel writer who enjoys adventurous pursuits in the States and around the world. As a travel consultant at a family business with her husband Gustavo and son Nicolas, she finds fabulous accommodations for others who want to do some globetrotting of their own.

Richard and Amy Lynn met at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. They were married in 1975. Richard is a retired corporate attorney. Amy is a medical technologist and also teaches phlebotomy. They have lived in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey since 1986, where they revel in trying to be as ordinary as possible. When they are not circling the globe searching for subjects for The Sarcastic Lens, Amy and Richard can usually be found trying to photograph their two children and their two grandsons. This often proves more challenging than any wildlife they encounter.

Linda Martin has always loved to travel and explore new places. She spent her childhood years growing up in Alaska and the Yukon Territory, explored Mexico studying folk art and visited ancient pyramids during her college years. She then shifted to exploring Europe and Japan. More recently she has traveled in a number of South American countries and retraced Magellan's Passage around Cape Horn. Besides a love of travel, Linda Martin is a published author of children's plays and stories and an animal lover ... especially her two Corgi dogs, Betsy and Panda.

Denise Mattia is a freelance photojournalist and Senior Editor of, living and working in New York City, where she was born. Her travel features and photographs (topside and underwater) appear in national and international publications. She is an active member of SATW, ASJA, IFWTWA and is past president of NYTWA.

Neala McCarten

Both retired educators, Rick and Chris Millikan now share our world travel adventures with newspaper, magazine and travel-zine audiences. Living a robust life on the west coast of Canada, they often write about cycling experiences enjoyed in British Columbia. Reflecting on sunny visits to the South Pacific, they have recently become travel columnists for the Fiji Times Canada.

Lita McCoy resides on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. When not working as an accountant she is off exploring water or land on the Islands and absorbing all of the life that means Living Aloha.

David Moore and his wife Helen just finished 10 months of travel around the world visiting 15 countries to explore the history, landscape, wildlife, people and food of each destination across South America, Australasia, the Polynesian Triangle, Southeast Asia, China and Japan. The new book is out now, published by Mirador and available on Amazon -- Turning Left Around the World. Their journey included the Atacama Desert, Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, Ayres Rock, Mount Fuji and the Great Wall of China.

Dr. Edd Morris is a British writer who was born in rural England. His website, Exploring Castles, is the result of his interest in history and geography, alongside his passion for photography. It is one of the web’s favorite destinations about castles, entertaining more than a third of a million individuals every year. He resides in London, England.

Born into a family of travelers, Darryl Musick carried on this tradition when he got married and started his own family. He evolved into a travel writer when he could not find any reliable information about wheelchair accessible travel…a necessity since his son uses one. Darryl has been writing since 1995 about travel in general and wheelchair travel in particular. He also produces a blog, The World on Wheels, documenting his family’s adventures. His articles have been published in Vagabundo Magazine, Emerging Horizons,,, and Disabled Dealer Magazine. A Southern California native, Darryl lives with his wife and son in the San Gabriel Valley, just east of Los Angeles. You can learn more about them at their blog at For more information, contact Darryl Musick at

Shivya Nath is an India-based writer who loves to seek out offbeat travel destinations that few have been to and fewer have written about. Join her virtually on her travels at The Shooting Star or on Twitter @shivya.

Rick Neal is a free-lance writer living in Vancouver, Canada. His credits include and He has travelled to Mexico, Central America, Turkey, China, and Vietnam. He hopes to make South America his next destination.

Bonnie Neely is owner of RealTravelAdventures where you can subscribe free for twice monthly terrific stories and photos by many professional travel writers and photographers. Bonnie has been a professional travel writer for over thirty years and is published many times in every form of media. She also reviews hundreds of books for your travels in the ezine's BooksandAudio section.

Janice Nieder could be the love child of Indiana Jones and Julia Child. She was a specialty food consultant in NYC with a client list that included Tavern on the Green and Dean & Deluca. A culinary trendsetter, Janice has visited over 90 countries searching out gastronomic adventures. She might be found sharing a smoked monkey dinner with Shuar Indians in the Amazon jungle or “running with the dogs” while truffle hunting in Marche, Italy. To keep things in balance, Janice also writes about her Girlfriend Getaways, including everything from luxurious city penthouses and Michelin starred meals to bespoke travel in remote destinations. You can follow her travels at

Casper Ohm is the editor-in-chief at Water-Pollution.Org.UK, an outlet intended to raise awareness of the alarming levels of water pollution in our planet's oceans. When he isn't scuba diving and collecting data in the far corners of the world, he lives in New York with his family. Follow him on Twitter as @casper_ohm

Elizabeth (Liz) Orient is a San Diego-based travel journalist and editor. Both pursuits allow her to express her passion for wanderlust, erasable pens, and the Oxford comma. Liz caught the “travel bug” early on in life and enjoys writing about unique destinations. Her favorite experiences involve meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Liz’s work has been featured in a variety of publications and on her blog (The Traveling Editor). In her spare time, she binge watches cooking/design shows, volunteers at a horse ranch, or cuddles with her feline assistant, Sputnik.

Mark Orwoll Mark Orwoll is a veteran travel writer who has visited more than 70 countries. Formerly the International Editor of Travel + Leisure, he now writes for many of the best-known travel magazines and websites as a freelancer.

Christine Osborne, an Australian graduate nurse who became an award-winning travel writer and an acclaimed photographer, has reported from some of the most off-the-beaten track places on earth. Not for her stories on Rome or the Bahamas. Osborne’s beat took in countries such as Yemen, Iraq and Pakistan at a time before the internet, before travel rating websites told you where to stay and where to find the nearest cyber-cafe. Often likened to a modern-day Freya Stark, hers was trail-blazing travel carrying her trusty camera-bag and wearing her denim hat. Author of 15 books and guides, Travels with My Hat, is a thrilling, behind the scenes account of a life on the road. Her 90,000 word memoir, illustrated with 78 photos, has received best non fiction award 2014 from the Self Publishing Review. Available for download purchase at Travels With My Hat and at

Bob Painter Robert Painter is an adventure travel writer currently residing in Southern Utah. When not traveling around the globe his time is spent hiking and exploring the wonderful and beautiful red rock surroundings of his new home.

Dan Pegram, a retired Southwest Airlines Pilot and author of Pop-Pop Airplane How do you Fly has spent a lot of time in planes. For more information about Dan and his book, please visit

Born in Germany, Inka Piegsa-Quischotte has lived and worked as an international attorney in Spain, Switzerland and the UK for many years. Two years ago she turned novelist and travel writer and now lives between Miami and Istanbul as basis for her many journeys either West or East. Her articles have been published in GoNomad, The Expeditioner, Literary Traveler, Travel with a Challenge, Europe up Close, Neos Kosmos newspaper, Lighthouse Digest and In The Know Traveler among others. She contributes regularly to Europe a la carte, as well as and is the Beirut expert for NileGuide. Her personal travel blog is called Her new book is Istanbul: City of the green-eyed beauty. It's an unconventional guide to Istanbul. Combining travel with literature, Inka follow the footsteps of three writers: Pierre Loti, Barbara Nadel and Orhan Pamuk.

Patrice RapleePatrice Raplee is an accomplished travel photojournalist and editor of Travel Excursion and Seattle Spotlight for Positively Entertainment magazine. In addition, she writes a monthly travel column for the award-wining site Offbeat Travel and is a regular correspondent for award-winning travel radio shows. She is a member of North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA), International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) and the Recording Academy. Her articles and photographs have appeared in national magazines and newspapers such as Alaska Airlines in-flight magazine, Beyond and the Seattle Times. Patrice travels the globe to cover destinations that feature fascinating culture, art, culinary, history and soft adventure.

Nell Raun-Linde, a free-lance writer with a travel specialty, has been published in AAA, Senior, regional, inflight, wine and web magazines, as well as in San Francisco Bay Area newspapers and others in the U.S. She resides in historic Benicia, a small California town, incorporated before the gold rush. An almost-around-the-world traveler has a passion not only for travel but for reading, history and family.

Matt Robinson has published over 3,700 pieces in more than 150 international publications on topics ranging from art and music to food and wine to travel and whatever else you might want to read. Please reach out to him at

Darryl Romeo was born in Trinidad and Tobago and migrated to Canada with his wife and daughter. He and his wife still live in Mississauga, Ontario. Darryl has coordinated two Pilgrimage Tours to Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Medjugorie and has another one coming up.

Gina Samarotto is the founder and principal designer of the award winning Samarotto Design Group as well as a journalist who writes primarily on the topics of style, design and luxury travel. Learn more about Gina at Gina Samarotto and Samarotto Design Group at Samarotto Designs

Michael Schuman is the author of 46 books and hundreds of articles. He has also won 14 NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association) awards for excellence in travel writing.

Saul Schwartz lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife Fern. He loves to travel throughout the world and share his experiences through stories and pictures. Saul has published many articles, but most focus upon his passion to travel.

Izabela Shopova was born in Varna, Bulgaria in 1971. She then moved to New Zealand and became a kiwi. She travels a lot and writes whenever she happened to be home for a while. Wherever her home happened to be. She is also the author of East in Eden which tells the heartfelt, and hilarious story of Shopova’s six years in New Zealand. Including, of course, Rotorua. Winner of numerous travel writing awards and author of three successful books, Izabela Shopova now lives and writes in Australia. East of Eden is available from all major retailers or go online and order at East of Eden at Amazon

Shelley Seale is a freelance writer by trade, but a vagabond by nature. Her absolute favorite thing to do is travel, and she loves exploring - and even getting lost in - new and foreign places. She has written for National Geographic, Andrew Harper Traveler, Go Nomad, BootsnAll Travel, Just Cause magazine and many others. She has written several books, including The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India and the Insiders Guide to Seattle. You can visit her website

Carrie Seidman has been a daily newspaper journalist for the past 35 years, covering everything from dance critiques to N.B.A. She has been on the staffs of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, the Albuquerque Journal and the Albuquerque Tribune, and is a staff writer specializing in dance for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune on Florida's Gulf Coast.

Duncan JD Smith is a Vienna-based travel writer, historian, photographer and publisher. Find out more at Duncan Smith. Anna Snyder is a freelance travel writer who received her Masters of Writing from National University of Ireland, Galway and has written for The Savvy Explorer and Language Trainers. When she isn't writing, she enjoys knitting and drawing Jane Austen-themed comics.

Lesley Stones is a former Brit who is now proudly South African. She started her career by reviewing rock bands for a national UK music paper, then worked for various newspapers before spending four fun-filled years in Cairo, where she ended up editing a technology magazine. Lesley was the Information Technology Editor for a daily business newspaper for 12 years before quitting to go freelance, specialising in travel & leisure writing and being opinionated about life in general. Her absolute passions are travel, theatre, the cinema, wining and dining.

Thomas Swick was the travel editor of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel for nearly two decades, and has traveled to more than sixty countries, chronicling his experiences in work that has appeared in the American Scholar, North American Review, Oxford America, Missouri Review, Smithsonian, National Geographic Traveler, Afar, New York Times Book Review, and more. He is the author of the travel memoir Unquiet Days: At Home in Poland, and a collection of travel stories, A Way to See the World: From Texas to Transylvania with a Maverick Traveler. He resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jake Tegtman got his B.A. in English, moved to Western Colorado, started a freelance writing business, and is now in love with outdoor recreation. Chris Tharp lives in Busan, South Korea, where he writes, teaches, and screams into microphones. He's a regular columnist for Busan Haps magazine, and his award-winning writing can be found around the web. His book, "Dispatches from the Peninsula: Six Years in South Korea", was recently published by Hong Kong's Signal 8 Press and is available through Amazon and other fine booksellers.

Mira Temkin is a freelance writer who lives to travel and discover new experiences throughout the world. Her stories have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, What's Happening, Lakeland Boating, Chicago Upscale Travel Examiner, Jetsetter Extra and Business Travel Destinations. She can be reached at

John Thomson is a former television news and current affairs producer from Vancouver, British Columbia and a member of TMAC, the Travel Media Association of Canada. Thanks to the networks, h e has traveled extensively throughout North America . The rest of the world has been on his own dime. His Spanish stories are part of an ongoing series of international dispatches.

Clare Thorne is an Atlanta-based travel writer. Her work is published in numerous magazines including Go World Travel, Travel Post Monthly, Coldnoon, the Journal of International Travel Writing and Litro Magazine.

Jon Voelkel grew up in Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia. Pamela Craik Voelkel grew up in a sedate seaside town in the north of England. In 2001, the Voelkels moved to rural Vermont and began work on 'Middleworld', the first book they have written together and the first of the Jaguar Stones series, followed by the End of the World Club. Read about the Voelkels and their books at

Deborah Wall lives in Las Vegas and has spent her life enjoying all forms of outdoor sports including hiking, sailing, canyoneering, rappelling, kayaking and winter camping. Wall has been a columnist since 2005 for The View Newspapers in Las Vegas and has published over a hundred feature articles -- which include her photographs -- in numerous Southwestern books and publications. To learn more about Wall, visit Imbrifex Books

Michael Patrick Welch is the author of the memoir Commonplace (Screw Music Forever Press), Y’all’s Problem (Dirty Coast) and the New Orleans novel The Donkey Show (Equator Books). He has freelanced for Gambit Weekly for many years, served as a staff writer/editorial assistant at the St Petersburg Times and penned a column in New Orleans’ oldest music magazine, OffBeat. His freelance work has also appeared in Newsweek, Spin, and several Village Voice publications. Welch also teaches a music writing class for public school kids ( and acts as bandleader for electro-rock-n-R & B band, The White Bitch. Email him at

Julian Worker has written articles on Middle Eastern and European architecture for the US magazine Skipping Stones. He has written travel articles that were published in The Toronto Globe and Mail, Fate Magazine, The Vancouver Sun, and Northwest Travel. He has also taken many photographs that have appeared in travel guides by National Geographic, Thomas Cook and The Rough Guides. He is the author of Travels through History - The Balkans: Journeys in the former Yugoslavia available at Travels through History - The Balkans: Journeys in the former Yugoslavia

Suzanne Wright is a travel writer based in the foothills of the Sonoran Desert in Cave Creek, Arizona. She has written for such publications as American Way, Arizona Highways, National Geographic Traveler, Men’s Journal and Wine & Spirits. To date, she has visited all 50 states and 50 countries.

Marina Yoveva is originally from Bulgaria but she considers herself a citizen of the world. Having traveled to over 20 countries and counting, she loves writing about her adventures, experiences, and tips on her blog Exploreist.

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Published: June 26th, 2013

Updated: April 23, 2020

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