Travel Guide to Canada

Gorgeous landscapes, fantastic outdoor adventures, and cosmopolitan cities -- visit Canada

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Calgary Stampede Alberta Canada is great family fun

Calgary Stampede: The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth by Bob Painter

The Calgary Stampede has it all. I've been to a lot of multi-day events that after spending a full day there is not much left to do or see on the second or third day. The Stampede is non-stop fun and excitement from 11 a.m. to midnight for 10 straight days.

Calgary Canada: The Stampede and a Whole Lot More by Bob Painter

The Calgary Stampede is ten days of unequalled Western fun, music, excitement, horses, cowboys & cowgirls, great food and the indescribable GMC Rangeland Derby. But Calgary is an exciting art-architecture-and-more city and easy to love.

British Columbia

Discover the Churchill Manitoba Tundra and the Polar Bears

by Robert Painter Discover and Explore Churchill Manitoba with its polar bears, nature and wildlife, tundra buggies, Native American culture and more.

Top Five Things To Do In Vancouver British Columbia by Patrice Raplee

With the city's enormous palette of opportunities for travelers, prioritizing your urban agenda may prove a challenging task Discover the top five things to do in Vancouver B.C. to begin your exciting excursions.

Rollicking Barkerville: Former Boomtown turns Heritage Site

by W. Ruth Kozak. There are over 125 heritage buildings in Barkerville with rooms displayed in period furnishings just as if they are still occupied. A cast of actors including children, roam the streets and perform spontaneous dramas as would happen in daily life. As well there is the Royal Theatre that presents a rousing vaudeville show. There's also demonstration of some of the mining equipment such as the Cornish Wheel that is sure to amuse with a feisty prospector and an ever-so-proper British lady, daughter of the mine owner. Read about Rollicking Barkerville: It's Still Rollicking Good Fun

Exploring Haida Gwaii, Queen Charlotte Islands, Prince Rupert, Scenic Beauty and Haida Aboriginal Culture

by Patrice Raplee. Explore the cultural attractions of Haida Gwaii and the aboriginal art, culture, and history of Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia

Salt Spring Island British Columbia

by Patrice Raplee. Salt Spring Island is nestled between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia in the Strait of Georgia. This natural and beautiful island is the largest of the Southern Gulf Islands and is accessible by three ferry routes; two on Vancouver Island and one by the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal on B.C.'s mainland. Moreover, the 70 square-mile island is also home to over 10,500 residents, many of them renowned artists, writers, specialty farmers and retirees who love the tranquil and picturesque setting.

The island offers an abundance of fantastic activities and great dining for visitors during spring through fall. From a famous Saturday Market and hiking, to artisan shops and wellness treatments, Salt Spring is an ideal environment to renew and de-stress. Read about Destination: Salt Spring Island

Christmas In Victoria B.C. Inspires Holiday Adventures

by Patrice Raplee. As dusk settles on a crisp, winter's evening, brightly colored lights twinkle across the city and the sound of carolers echoes in the distance. Excited shoppers pause to exclaim at breath-taking holiday displays and the tantalizing aroma of fresh-baked pastries and steamy coffee fills the air. It is Christmas time in this beautiful and magical city of Victoria, B.C. Read about Christmas in Victoria British Columbia

Victoria British Columbia Attractions

by Neala Schwartzberg. There needs to be balance in life. One can't just eat pastry and chocolate, and drink tea. Although I certainly did that. Victoria British Columbia offered many reasons to push myself away from the table and head out into the city. Victoria is a great walking city

read more at about visiting canada at Butchart Gardens: Summer or Winter the Gardens Delight

by Neala Schwartzberg. This is easily one of the finest gardens on the North American continent. Located on Vancouver Island about equidistant from Victoria and Vancouver, no visit to the Vancouver/Victoria area would be complete without spending the day enjoying these spectacular gardens.

Victoria British Columbia: Pastry, Chocolate, and Tea

A guide to eating pastry and chocolate, and enjoying tea in Victoria, British Columbia. What else is there to say?

Newfoundland and Labrador

St. John's Newfoundland, Canada by George Bailey

Take a walk back through time to rural St. John's Island and breathe in the sense of peace.


Niagara Falls from the Canadian Side

by George Bailey.
If you haven't visited lately, you haven't seen all the new attractions and fun.


Fashionable Montreal

Montreal, the largest city in the province of Quebec, and second largest in Canada, is filled with great shopping and fashionable experiences alongside meltingly delicious pastries, and elegant yet friendly hotels. It adds a layer of French sophistication to North American welcome. Read our Fashion Forward Guide to Montreal

The Nordic Way: A Spa Weekend in Quebec City

by Teresa Bergen. The weather can be a mystery in Quebec City, especially in spring and fall. You might want to hole up in your hotel spa or spend all your time outside. But when the weather cooperates you can experience both indoor and outdoor spa life. Hotel spas in Quebec City and Nordic spas about an hour outside offer very different pleasures and experiences. Read about A Spa Weekend in Quebec

Grosse Ile: Illuminating the History of Immigration in Canada

It is part memorial and part fascinating exhibit about the process of immigration. A visit to Grosse Ile provides a sense of the human drama and the best of us as human beings. People trying to find a better life, the valor and commitment of those trying to save them, and the people who have never forgotten them.

Quebec Canada: Pleasure of Islands, Waterfalls, and the Wendake Nation

by Patrice Raplee. The early fall air is crisp, yet the sun's soft golden light illuminates the reds, golds, and burnt umbers of the apple orchards. Deep-hued apples, shiny and ripe, send their heady and fragrant aroma across the island, signaling to the locals that harvest time is near on Ile d'Orleans.

The beautiful and rural island of Ile d'Orleans is located in Quebec, Canada about 15 minutes from Quebec City. This predominantly agricultural island is an ideal location to visit with a pristine environment and numerous produce, art, cheese and wine shops as well. In addition, there are several communities, outdoor recreation and sites that are located about 20 minutes away from Quebec City, such as the Huron Wendat community and the striking Montmorency Falls; and of course the attractions and architecture of the city itself. Read more...

New France Festival in Quebec and City Pleasures

by Patrice Raplee. Quebec City, located in Canada's eastern province of Quebec, reflects its unique and proud heritage of French, Amerindian and British roots. The fascinating culture and history of the region is visible in the provinces' architecture, cuisine, language and the friendly Quebec residents. With its spectacular attractions, scenic beauty, festivals, outdoor activities, shopping and sites, the city is an enticing and unique draw throughout the year. But for the New France Festival, Quebec City pulls out all stops.

Multitudes of parade-goers line the streets at dusk on a warm summer evening, as anticipation fills the air. A rustle of taffeta skirts and the distinct sound of a drumbeat draw the crowds' attention. All eyes are focused on the elaborate and artfully dressed festival marchers attired in 17th and 18th century costumes that begin the exciting New France Festival. Read more...

Quebec's famed Ice Hotel - Hotel de Glace

by Patrice Raplee. The famous Ice Hotel, located just 45 minutes outside of Quebec City, celebrates the winter season. This crystalline snow bastion with cathedral ceilings is made entirely out of 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice. Visitors can opt for a day tour or elect to spend the night in a magical atmosphere resembling the Narnia Ice Queen's palace. Read more about Quebec's Ice Hotel

Quebec City Canada: Nouvelle France and Other Year Around Festivals by Neala McCarten

If New France festival isn't enough festivities, there's always a celebration going on in this festival-oriented city of Quebec


Wolf Sightings in Canada's Yukon Territory

by Marty Essen. One man, several wolves, and the opportunity of a lifetime. Excerpted from Cool Creatures, Hot Planet -- Exploring the Seven Continents