Bryn Cader Faner -- Gwynedd
Bryn Cader Faner -- Jeanette Wright

The Best British Megaliths to Visit for History and Mystery

Both genteel and wild, the beauty of the British countryside has been the source of inspiration and awe for generations. Tens of thousands of people travel over to the UK every year to explore its culture and history, including its world-famous stone circles and megalithic sites which have inspired intrigue and speculation for centuries. While everyone knows about Stonehenge, these islands are filled with countless hidden gems equally as amazing, but far less explored.

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Bryn Cader Faner -- Gwynedd

A famously spikey ring cairn in a fantastic upland setting -- Bryn Cader Faner is one of the star sites of North Wales. Fifteen stones make the monument each about 6ft in height, poking up at dramatic angles resembling jagged teeth or a crown of thorns. This site is positioned on a Bronze Age track with spectacular surrounding views that promise to truly take your breath away.

Upper Erme -- Devon

Amongst the wilderness of Dartmoor distinctive and enigmatic stands the prehistoric monument of Upper Erme. The longest stone row in Britain and possibly the world it stretches just over two miles to the top of Green Hill in an exposed and stunning landscape.

Leskernick -- Cornwall

The beauty of Cornwall is infamous yet tucked away on the saddle of land between Leskernick Hill and Beacon Hill within the beautiful setting of Bodmin Moor is the home of Leskernick. The iconic British monuments here are enclosed by the region's highest hills providing unbelievable views incomparable to anywhere else in Cornwall.

Down Tor -- Devon

Down Tor -- Devon more at
Down Tor -- Martyn Copcutt
Situated in the south west of England, right in the very heart of Devon the ancient landscape of Dartmoor is full of stunning views, awe inspiring granite tors, deep wooded valleys with fast flowing rivers, and rugged, wide open spaces. The iconic Down Tor sits within a dramatic up approach as the contours of the land rise and fall from both ends. The unusual and magnificent beauty of the area is also one of great seclusion; the nearest village Sheepstor has a population of only 53. This is truly an escape to get away from it all.

Fan Foel -- Carmarthenshire

Spanning the county boundary between Carmarthenshire and Brecknockshire the Black Mountain stands majestically. With it's highest point at 802 meters or 2,631ft it is a formidable and stunning part of Fforest Fawr Geopark. Aside from it's exquisite visual beauty the landscape itself is littered with history. Fan Foel is one such point of interest as recent excavations have indicated that the cairn was built in Bronze Age Britain. Located at one the highest summits this site is certainly a magnificent change from any city street.

Brat's Hill -- Cumbria

Encompassing Harter Fell, Bowfell and Scafell range all the way down to the sea there is no argument that the views from this site are incomparable. Brat's Hill, overlooked by a striking natural rock outcrop, contains one of the largest stone circles in Britain with up to 40 boulder-like stones and five Cairns. A pleasant way to get here is via the narrow-gauge Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, getting off at Dalegarth for Boot station before a 4 mile walk that will allow you to immerse yourself in your escape to the country.

Britain is one of the most beautiful and historical countries in the world, and it is only right for you take advantage of it and visit these breath-taking sites of natural beauty and splendor.

More location suggestions and further information on those included at The Old Stones: A Field Guide to the Megalithic Sites of Britain and Ireland, edited by Andy Burnham. Watkins, 2018.

Andy Burnham is the founder and editor of the Megalithic Portal web resource which he has run since 2001 with the assistance of many volunteer editors and site admins. He is a chartered engineer specialising in electronic systems (CEng, MIET)

Photos: Bryn Cader Faner -- Jeanette Wright
Down Tor -- Martyn Copcutt

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