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Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel)

It's probably one of the most recognizable structures in the world. And we've uncovered some interesting facts.

How old is the Eiffel Tower?
55 years old
112 years old
176 years old
250 years old

The name Eiffel refers to...
The French hero of the revolution
The area of Paris surrounding the Tower
The French word for the steel beams making up the Tower
Gustave Eiffel who designed the Tower

How many kilowatts of energy does it take to run the Tower?
500,000 kilowatts yearly
2,000,000 kilowatts yearly
5,500,000 kilowatts yearly
7,500,000 kilowatts yearly

Why was the Eiffel Tower built?
As part of the Universal Exposition celebrating the anniversary of the French Revolution
Improve radio reception for the newly created national radio system
Provide a easily recognizable landmark for aircraft
To win the competition to build the world's tallest structure

The Eiffel Tower is definitely a tourist attraction. About how many people visited it in the year 2000?
4.5 million
6.3 million
10.0 million
25.5 million
To learn more about the Eiffel Tower visit and

Out of This World

Let's get really far out. You want the most astounding view of the solar system. Where would you go?
Nearside of the moon
A black hole
The moons of Jupiter

You want a tan, but you don't want to spent a lot of time sitting around getting bronzed. Where would you go?
The asteroid belt

The space cruiser you just bought is hot! You want to take 'er out and see what she can do. You'll take that baby to...
The moons of Mars
The asteroid belt

Finally, the best ski resort in the solar system is probably the one on
The rings of Saturn

Assistance with some of these questions and answers came from Bill Arnett, founder of the best place on the Internet to learn about the solar system and the universe.

New York City

It's the Big Apple. But how well do you really know the greatest city (perhaps) in the world?

People from all over the world visit NYC. Which of the following countries is NOT among the top five for sending visitors to NYC?
United Kingdom

How wide is Manhattan at its narrowest point?
0.8 miles
2.3 miles
5.2 miles
22.7 miles

What famous baseball player hit his first home run in Yankee Stadium in the first game ever played there?
Ty Cobb
Curt Flood
Babe Ruth
Lou Gehrig

Okay, ready for a really tough question? As you know, NYC is made up of five boroughs - The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. In what year were they incorporated into a single entity, known as Greater New York (and as New York City)?

All information for the New York City travel trivia comes from NYC Visit

The Longest, Tallest, the Mostest in the World

You want a ride down the longest river in the world. Which one would you choose?
Nile, Africa
Amazon, South America
Mississippi-Missouri, USA
Yangtze, Asia

Attention shoppers! If you wanted to head to the largest mall, you'd be going to...
Suntec City Mall, Singapore
Mall of America, USA
Sawgrass Mills Mall, USA
West Edmonton Mall, Canada

Your passion is hogs, not the kind that provide bacon but the kind you ride with wind-in-your-face, flying-down-the-highway excitement. Where would you find the largest motorcycle museum in the world?
National Motorcycle Museum, Australia
Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum, Colorado
Barber Vintage Motorsports, Alabama
Sammy Miller Museum, England

If Superman was going to leap over the world's tallest building, over which one would he be leaping?
Burj Dubai
World Trade Center, New York City, USA (destroyed by terrorist attack September 11, 2001)
Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Taipei 101, Taiwan

Okay, this last one isn't a place at all, but when we found out about it, we just had to tell everyone about the world's smallest guitar. How small is it? Well, according to Scholastic Book of World Records by Jenifer Corr Morse, the guitar is about the same length as ...
The head of a pin
Speck of dust
Length of a human cell

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Updated: January 2, 2017

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