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Travel Gear: The Sling Bag from Yak Pak

I’m exploring a new city, or maybe taking a walk in the mountains. I have my camera (heavy DSLR) slung across my shoulder, and a canvas purse which holds everything I could possibly need from a cellphone to a voice-recorder. I am overloaded, and overcome with a need to shed half the "stuff" and the weight. I tried a fanny-pack, and a backpack. One was too small, and the other too big.
Enter my new favorite take-it-with-me item, the Sling Bag from Yak Pak.

It's feather-weight light with sturdy drawstrings, and a zippered inside pocket and it slings over on my back, freeing my arms. The specs are: 13.50 inches deep, 0.25 inch width, 17.50 inches in height and 0.3 lb weight. Comes in various colors and patterns.

Into the YakPak goes just the items I need for that moment. It could be a cellphone, a notepad and pen, and maps if I’m touring a city. Or, a sweater, sandwich, and water bottle, if I’m going for a walk in the mountains (one of the joys of living in New Mexico is the ease of getting into hiking territory). Depending on what I’m going, money, keys, and credit cards etc. go into the zippered pocket.

It takes up almost no space in a suitcase, but it’s right there for when I need to plan what to take with me for the day.

It's not made to replace a backpack so don't use if it you need to load up with heavy items. If your shoulders lack natural padding you might want to either pack light, or add a bit of padding to the straps, but generally, I found it to be quite comfortable.

And so very convenient.

Update: 2012 It's now 2 years later and my Yak Pak slingbag is still part of my must-take items. It still looks new without a tear or fray. Yep, still love it. However, sadly, this product is no longer available.

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