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Swany Pocketbag

Luggage: Swany Walkin’ Bag

What weights 8 pounds unpacked, rolls like a dream on all four wheels, and has five different height adjustments for the handle?
Answer: My new favorite luggage.

I’ve been dragging suitcases around airports for a lot of years. They’re heavy, cumbersome, and never seem to want to roll in the direction I want them to go. It’s especially tricky when I have to go into the elevator, turn the darn thing around to drag it behind me when I exit.

But I do love my Swany 20" Walkin' Bag. It definitely fits in the overhead luggage rack, moreover, with its lighter weight, I can even heave it up there without assistance. It also seems to handle being throw around as checked luggage.

The wheels really do swivel in all directions and I have indeed easily pushed it along in front of me, pulled it behind me, and nudged it as it was next to me.

The line of luggage was developed by a polio survivor who wanted a bag he could literally “lean on.” According to their information the “Patented curved multi-height handle supports full body weight and acts like a cane or walking stick.” I haven’t tried that, but I have used it quite successfully as a leg rest while sitting out long delays in airports.

It has multiple pockets outside and mesh spaces inside for easier packing. And it comes with detachable mesh packing bags to fit in the little corners around your items. I’ve paired it up with packing cubes that I also got from Magellan’s for easy packing and unpacking. They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for keeping clothing organized. I put my clothes and underwear in those instead of squishing them all over the suitcase. And I’m sure the security folks appreciate it as well. Makes it easy for them to find my jars of jam and honey which always seem to set off an alarm and saves them from searching through all my clothes.

If I choose, I can pack a day's clothing in one, and just remove what I need. On car trips, this saves bringing in a whole suitcase for one overnight stop.

Only thing it’s missing is that extension zipper so I could make it just a bit bigger for the trip home – when I’ve overpacked with all the souvenirs.

The tech specs include:
Made of 1800D, stain-resistant Teflon®-coated poly fabric, with a patented no-pinch telescoping handle and two easy-grip carrying handles.

I gave away my larger, heavier, rolls on only two-wheels luggage, despite my love of its ability to expand. That just can’t compare with lighter weight, rolling on all wheels, and push/pull/nudge with ease.

Update: 2012. It's now 4 years later and I still love it. The only small complaint I have is that the years of being knocked around, leaned on, and used as a foot rest have cracked a tiny piece of the inside corner plastic. I now need to gently push it back into place, or avoid putting delicate clothing near it. Read more about:
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