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luggage decal from MySkyCrest

SkyCrest: The fun way to find your luggage

I have one of those totally generic but much loved black pieces of luggage which I'm always losing on the luggage carousels.

My Swany bag has been all over the world, taken much abuse and keeps on travelin'. But I do have a problem finding it amidst all the other pieces of black luggage, even with the tattered ruby-red and gold ribbon tied around the handle.

An artist friend painted a giant piece of fruit on her luggage. But I'm not so talented. Ah, but there is a solution. SkyCrest sent me a fun photo montage of NYC scenes to test. Not only do I love memories of my home town, but I can now spot it easily as it careens down the luggage chute.

I've used it twice flying as well as an 8-day road trip wrangling it in and out of the car, dragging it along hallways, and plopping it on hotel luggage racks. It still looks great and clings tenatiously to my luggage.

The will soon be offering the option of using your own photo on the decal. How cool would that be?

The only thing I might suggest is buying a second one for the other side of the bag. You could also cut one in half but that would mess up the image.

Here's how they describe it:
SkyCrest are made with protected professional quality canvas, printed with artist quality inks, and come fitted with a special high performance adhesive for peel off placement onto your framed luggage. SkyCrests are durable and water resistant. Not recommended for leather or suede suitcases.

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April 29, 2013

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