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Read more about hiking in Greater Palm Springs at

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Greater Palm Springs

Greater Palm Springs offers more than 100 trails to choose from. Here are 10 scenic hikes to experience Greater Palm Springs.

Read more about A replica of architect Paul Rudolph's 1952 Walker Guest House at The Ringling museum 

Replica of Paul Rudolph's Iconic 1952 Beach Cottage Ready for Visitors

Construction of a stunning replica of architect Paul Rudolph's iconic 1952 Walker Guest House has just been completed by the Sarasota Architectural Foundation on the beautiful campus of The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

Read more about the less traveled part of China's Great Wall at

Hidden Treasures of the Great Wall of China: Tips for taking the path less traveled

Most people who come to China for a visit aim to see the Great Wall. One of China's most popular historical monuments, it spans thousands of miles and winds through so many beautiful sceneries and landscapes of the country and makes for a wonderful sightseeing experience.

Read about this and other Halloween events at

Halloween 2015: Our rather random roundup

We get a lot of press releases about Halloween events across the country (and sometimes across the world). Here are some that just caught our attention. If you miss them this year, perhaps you'll want to put it on the calendar for next year. Meanwhile, these spooky events sound good to us.

Paul Simon: Words and Music Starts National Tour

Paul Simon: Words and Music is hitting the road and it's first stop is in Baltimore at Jewish Museum of Maryland (JMM) in Baltimore. Read more about the films, videos of select performances and more than 80 artifacts

Zydeco: Roots music of southern Louisiana

If it's the weekend, the sounds of song and dance are resonating out of the large halls and small bars along the bayous of Southwest Louisiana. The dance floors are full of men, women and children grooving to the mix of blues, pop and French music performed by Zydeco musicians. All have one thing on their minds: passing a good time, cher!

Guinness Storehouse in Dublin One of Europe's Top Destinations: Here's what you can see, do, drink

what is it about the Guinness Storehouse that has it competing with the likes of the Eiffel Tower and the Acropolis? It's a unique experience -- fun, educational, and tasty.

Read more about the best rail journeys in Europe at

Europe's Top 5 Scenic Rail Journeys

As air travel has become more and more of a hassle, train travel is becoming an viable alternative. Remember "it's the journey, not the destination" -- railroad journeys are an unique experience, and they can take you to your destination as well..

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London Eye Celebrates its 15th Anniversary with these Fun Facts

Since first opening 15 years ago in 2000, the London Eye has become one of the world's most iconic landmarks. But, do you know these? fun facts and trivia about the London Eye? .

Read more about the largest human-made waves on the planet and where to surf them at

Surf Snowdonia in Wales: Longest manmade surfable waves on the planet

Surf Snowdonia in Wales is celebrating the launch of its much anticipated, world's first Wavegarden surfing lagoon. Surf Snowdonia uses revolutionary technology to deliver the. longest manmade surfable waves on the planet

Read more about photo ops in Ireland at tji-top-ten-best-places-for-great-photos-ireland.html

Ireland's Top Ten Best Places for Photo Opportunities

When it comes to photography, the Emerald Isle has so many perfect locations for that iconic shot. So for fantastic photos and a few tips to guide your hand, focus up. Here's a snapshot of Irish tourism's top 10 photo opportunities on the island .

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Abilene Texas: Bringing Loved Characters to Life

Abilene not only celebrates children's storybooks, it brings them to life with a downtown filled with beloved characters and a yearly festival to add even more.

Read more about Texas Sites and the Alamo as World Heritage Sites

Remember the Alamo: Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The San Antonio Missions have officially been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An elite list with just 22 existing U.S. landmarks included, the five Missions (including The Alamo) are taking their place among other great American historic and cultural institutions like the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall, in addition to natural treasures such as the Grand Canyon and world wonders like the Great Wall of China. It's time now to "Remember the Alamo," the first San Antonio Mission.

Read moreabout quirky NY festivals  at

Quirky Festivals of the Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes in New York State offer a collection of that are worth taking a weekend trip. unique and unusual summer festivals .

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Berlin's Museum Landscape Expands

Berlin's unparalleled cultural landscape of about 180 museums and collections keeps growing, as new special interest museums are opening and renovations are completed at larger establishments. From Spies to Magic and more. Here's an update on Berlin's Museums.

Hands-on Colorado: From distilling to cheese-making and more

Inspire creativity, feed your crafty soul, and savor hands-on experiences in Colorado. Whether strumming a handmade mandolin or pressing goat milk cheese, savoring homemade sausage or spinning hand crafted yarn, learn a skill and create a craft in mind-expanding workshops all across the state. Discover the art of the craft and gain appreciation and knowledge for a handiwork in Colorado

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How to Be Safe Online When You Travel

Summer and travel just go together, but when you roam you still need to be mindful of online safety. Don't bring home unwanted bugs or let hackers burrow into your cell phone or computer. Here's PrivateGiant's Internet security privacy tips keep travelers safe when they roam. .

Three Perfect Pairings of National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges

"How to make the most of your national park visit this summer? Pair it with a side trip to a nearby National Wildlife Refuge. You won't have to go far to go. Wildlife refuges are located all across the country.. Read more about visiting the boyhood home of Johnny Cash at

Historic Dyess Colony: Boyhood Home of Johnny Cash

JR (Johnny) Cash was three years old when his parents, Ray and Carrie Cash, moved to Dyess as part of the Dyess Colony Resettlement Area in 1935. The young boy grew up, went to church there and even suffered his first loss when his beloved brother Jack died following a sawmill accident in 1944. Now, visitors can see the boyhood world of Johnny Cash.

Artistic Innovation of Mannequin Design Open at MAD in New York City

Explore the intersection of Art, Fashion and Craft through three decades of innovative Ralph Pucci Mannequins .

Five Days Only See Inside Rolls-Royce May 7th through May 11th 2015

The first interactive public exhibition running May 7th through May 11th allows visitors to experience a multi-sensory journey through the company's world-renowned engineering, design and craftsmanship, providing new levels of insight into the remarkable lengths required to create the world's pinnacle super-luxury motor car. .

Ashford Castle officially reopened by Prime Minister of Ireland

Ashford Castle reopens following a two-year project re-establishing it as one of Europe's finest luxury hotels. Read more  at

Vivid Sydney: 18 nights of lights, music, and ideas

The world's largest festival of lights, music, and ideas, Vivid Sydney, delivers its biggest program yet. For 18 nights, from May 22nd through June 8th, Vivid Sydney transforms the city and harbour..

Brew-seum Craft Beer Week April 7th to April 12th 2015 in McAllen, Texas

IMAS' Brew-seum Craft Beer Week April 7 to April 12th 2015 home-brewers can showcase their craft beer with many other beer-centered events to enjoy

Craft Beer Lovers Rejoice: North Carolina Beer Month Returns for Third Year in April

The flavors of North Carolina's beerscape will be on tap during the state's third annual NC Beer Month, taking place throughout April 2015. Updated: August 7, 2016

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