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Halloween 2015: Our rather random roundup

We get a lot of press releases about Halloween events across the country (and sometimes across the world). Here are some that just caught our attention. If you miss them this year, perhaps you'll want to put it on the calendar for next year.


More than 1,000 carved jack-o'-lanterns line the spooky streets and alleys at Hallowe'en in Greenfield Village, where 20th century Halloween traditions are brought to life by costumed characters and interactive fun. Bring the whole family to dance with witches and wizards the weekend of October 22-25. Keep an eye out for the Headless Horseman!

Dublin, Ireland

The annual Bram Stoker Festival is a celebration of Dublin's Dark Side. Conceived as a celebration of Dublin-born Gothic writer Bram Stoker and his renowned novel 'Dracula', the city will get gloriously gothic though a range of programmed events this October 23 to 26 during the Bank Holiday Weekend. With something for everyone, the festival caters for families and late-night chill seekers alike.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1847, Bram Stoker is one of the world's most famous horror novelists. Before he published his masterpiece, 'Dracula', in 1897, Stoker worked as a civil servant in the hugely historic Dublin Castle. Considered a classic horror novel shortly after its release, 'Dracula' has continued to gather acclaim for more than a century, inspiring the creation of hundreds of film, theatrical and literary adaptations. In addition to 'Dracula', Stoker wrote more than a dozen novels before his death in 1912.


In the depths of the shadowy streets of downtown, amid the treacherous grasslands of the bloodiest Civil War battle, a whisper in the dark or a remnant of an illuminating figure seizes the hearts of daring souls brave enough to search through the past of the haunted town of Gettysburg.

Gettysburg offers over eight ominous candlelight tours and paranormal investigations, in which visitors can experience the frightening mysteries and happenings of generations past and present.

Based on true stories from the best-selling books of Mark Nesbitt, the Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tour will thrill the ghost-hunting enthusiast with sightings of soldiers moving once again in battle lines. With three tour options, ghost-hunters can explore fields where Pickett's gallant men charged to their doom, entered the county courthouse where hundreds of wounded soldiers met their deathbeds and visit a lost soul, "The Blue Boy," found hovering outside a dormitory window.

Period-dressed guides will lead visitors in a frightening lantern-led tour through back alleys and the haunting depths of Gettysburg cemeteries on the Haunted Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours and Paranormal Investigations. Visitors can opt for an Extreme Paranormal Investigation, a two-hour exploration for signs of the past led by Professional Haunted Gettysburg Paranormal Society team of Mark and Michelle. Each investigator will be armed with ghost-hunting equipment, similar to those found on their favorite paranormal investigation shows.

On the Ghostly Images of Gettysburg tours, visitors can request "The Demise of Rosa Tour" and enter the Homestead Orphanage, a horrid place where the cruel matron, who might still be lurking in the shadows, tortured innocent children, or the "Georgia your sister is dead! Tour," which encounters remnants at the Jennie Wade House, the site of the battle's only civilian death.


Gothic Milwaukee Historical Haunted Walking Tour Presented by Gothic Milwaukee at Cathedral Square Park

Join us for a glimpse of Milwaukee's past lead by your own costumed tour guide for this historical tour of downtown Milwaukee. Discover the dark secrets and eerie sightings lurking in the shadows of the city. The outdoor tour runs rain or shine and last for approx 90 minutes.


Eastern State Penitentiary is a fascinating place during the year but old jails are haunting, naturally, but this one may also be especially haunted. Over 1,000 people died here in the 142 years it was in operation, by disease, suicide, and, of course, murder (because what's a haunted jail without a few murders?), and it's said their restless souls still linger - though they are no longer confined to their cells

Terror Behind the Walls takes place inside the massive, castle-like walls of Eastern State Penitentiary and is consistently ranked among the top haunted attractions in America. All proceeds from Terror Behind the Walls benefit the preservation of Eastern State Penitentiary, a National Historic Landmark. Terror Behind the Walls does not affect operation of the historic site, which remains open for tours every day from 10 am to 5 pm.


Zombie Apocalypse: Do the Walk Held one day only on October 31 from 4 pm until 6 pm during BOO Under the Bridge in the Red River District (1-10 pm). The event is open to all ages and levels of decomposition. Check Facebook Zombie Walk Event Page
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October 17th, 2015

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