Go Holler at Fayetteville North Carolina World Wide Hollerin' Contest

Hollerin' contest takes place in Fayetteville, North Carolina http://www.offbeattravel.com/tji-fayetteville-north-carolina-hollerin-festival.html

Hollerin' is considered by some to be the earliest form of communication between humans. It is a traditional form of communication used in rural areas before the days of telecommunications to convey long-distance messages. Evidence of hollerin', or derivations thereof such as yodeling or hunting cries, exists worldwide among many early peoples and is still be practiced in certain societies of the modern world.

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In one form or another, the holler has been found to exist in Europe, Africa and Asia as well as the US. Each culture used or uses hollers differently, although almost all cultures have specific hollers meant to convey warning or distress. Otherwise hollers exist for virtually any communicative purpose imaginable -- greetings, general information, pleasure, work, etc.

Types of Hollerin'

The hollers featured at the World Wide Hollerin' Festival typically fall into one of four categories: distress, functional, communicative or pleasure.


In many ways, hollers were essential in rural communities; they notified others within hearing range of imminent danger or brought assistance to otherwise isolated farmers when needed. In the past, locals say, hollers have helped locate lost children, saved drowning men, and even ended house fires. Distress hollers are typified by a falsetto tone and sense of urgency.


These are the hollers used in day-to-day life on the farm or in the field. Each farmer or rancher had his own distinctive hollers to bring in this hogs, cattle, sheep or dogs. This was particularly useful when farmers' animals grazed common land. A farmer could round up his hogs with his unique holler without disturbing any of his neighbors' hogs. (The Rounder Collective, Hollerin' Record Jacket, 1975, p.2.) This is also the type of holler used each morning to let nearby farmers know that one was up and about, as well as by women to call home their families from the fields at the end of the day.
Hollerin' contest takes place in Fayetteville, North Carolina http://www.offbeattravel.com/tji-fayetteville-north-carolina-hollerin-festival.html


"Howdy neighbor" is the main purpose of these cries. For example: "A man working alone in a field might holler just to hear a reassuring answer from his neighbor in the next field a mile or two away"


Some hollers are voiced purely for pleasure's sake -- they are known as expressive hollers. Often, this is a hollered version of a popular tune or melody and serves no purpose other than of entertainment.

The World Wide Hollerin' Festival

After 47 years in Spivey's Corner, Paradise Acres in Hope Mills will host this years World Wide Hollerin' Contest on November 5th, 2016. Music, food, contests, crafts and more are on the agenda for this special day. Eighty percent of the proceeds from the event are donated to Wags4Tags, an organization that matches trained shelter dogs with veterans suffering from psychological and emotional injuries.

For more information on the World Wide Hollerin' Festival, visit WorldWideHollerinFestival

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