Alexandria makes a great addition to an Egypt visit

Egypt has never been this Fun: Five cool things to do

More than 1.5 million British tourists alone visit Egypt every year. The country's main attractions the pyramids of Giza, the temples at Luxor, diving in Sharm el Sheikh, Cairo's bazaars, and cruises along the River Nile do not need an introduction, but the truth is that Egypt offers so many options that even the most consummate travellers will find themselves returning to the country time and again in order to experience them all. The proliferation of great-value deals to Egypt makes things even easier, so if you are planning a trip to this fascinating country and want to see something different, make sure to visit Travel Saga website to add any of the following options in your itinerary.

Touring the Nile Delta

This is an interesting alternative to a touristy Nile cruise. The port city of Domyat makes for a good starting point, and the city itself is charming enough to warrant a visit. Here you can learn how Egyptian felucca boats are built before actually going on a trip onboard one of them. Fishing trips along the delta are also available, although these are not heavily publicised and you will need to ask around.

Camel safari trips

Black coloured dunes, oasis spanning 2,000 square kilometres, sandboarding, traditional Bedouin hospitality, mummy necropolis, limestone caves, cooking lessons, and visits to organic farms are just some of the things you can see and do when taking a camel safari through Egypt's massive Western Desert. With average prices being in the region of £ 250 per person, a camel safari is one of the best deals to Egypt anyone could get.

Off the beaten path in Alexandria

Egypt's second largest city has a very different vibe to Cairo. Its orderly urban layout and the pleasant promenade along the Mediterranean could have you thinking you are in Southern Europe. The city is also great for shopping, and the Attarin district offers plenty of opportunities for photographers.

Red Sea luxury cruises

Why stay in just one Red Sea town when you can visit them all in style? Luxury cruises depart Sharm el Sheikh often and travel all the way to Dahab or even down to the stunning beaches of Marsa Alam. Open bars, haute cuisine, suite rooms, and spa treatments are bonus points.

Bird's eye view

Going on a hot air balloon ride is a fascinating experience that will give you a different perspective on Egypt, literally. Balloon rides are available in Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, and El Gouna, which is the perfect location for a breathtaking view of the sunset over the Red Sea.

Photo by David Evers

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