Hands-on Colorado: From distilling to cheese-making and more

Inspire creativity, feed your crafty soul, and savor hands-on experiences in Colorado. Whether strumming a handmade mandolin or pressing goat milk cheese, savoring homemade sausage or spinning hand crafted yarn, learn a skill and create a craft in mind-expanding workshops all across the state. Discover the art of the craft and gain appreciation and knowledge for a handiwork.

Find great classes at Mountain Goat Lodge and learn more about handson Colorado at https://www.offbeattravel.com/tji-colorado-hands-on-art-craft.html

Crafty Curds

Visit the cheese rooms, press curds, and create silky-smooth delicacies from local milk. Rest at the Mountain Goat Lodge in the Sawatch Mountain Range south of Salida and learn about goat husbandry and cheese making. The Goat Cheese Lady in Colorado Springs offers kids' tours and crafting classes. From Chevre to Mozzarella, Cheddars and blues, learn about home-cheese making at the Art of Cheese and visit their goats at Briar Gate Farms.

Be the Butcher

Be sure to empty your freezer before attending whole turkey, lamb and rabbit butchering workshops at the Boulder Butchery Guild.


At the Hungry Chicken Homestead in Colorado Springs, craft homemade yogurt, fall preserves, pickled vegetables, and even your own cleaning supplies. In the small town of Calhan, Colorado, learn the art of canning, crafting homemade vinegar and medicinal syrup, butter churning, bee keeping and more at Pumpkin Hollow Farms.


Distilling school at DownSlope Spirits in Denver sends you home with the tools to craft your own spirits.

Forage the Feast

Put your own group together and head off to Fresh & Wyld Inn's Fresh Farm Cooking Classes.


Prepare raw llama fiber using hand spindles during a spinning class at Mountain Flower Goat Dairy in Boulder. In the small town of Bayfield, relax your body and inspire your mind with classes at De Goats and Sheep Ranch; watercolor felting, knitting, beginning spindle spinning, carding and creating are just a few. Exhaust your own yarn or take home samples after a natural dye class at Table Rock Llamas in Black Forest while creating decadent colors, like logwood, Osage orange and black walnut.

Visual Arts

Find great classes at Zapata Ranch and learn more about handson Colorado at https://www.offbeattravel.com/tji-colorado-hands-on-art-craft.html
Try your hand or perfect your touch with any number of artistic mediums during artist's workshops. At one of the many classes hosted by the Durango Art Center, attempt Color Reduction Linoleum Printmaking. Zapata Ranch offers several special weeks throughout the year. These weeks range from photography workshops and specialty food courses to their annual brandings and horsemanship clinics. Telluride's Ah Haa School for the Arts offers year-round classes, workshops, art trips and retreats, open studios, lectures, exhibitions and special events.

Tackle a Tune

Craft your own guitar or mandolin at the Rocky Grass Academy in Lyons.

The Finer Things

Craft silky smooth soaps and moisturizing, natural lotion from fresh goat's milk at the Goat Cheese Lady in Penrose. Featuring a class in lavender growing or crafting fragrant lavender wreathes, Sage Creations takes advantage of the abundance of lavender grown on the Western Slope and offers year round artisan classes. From scarf dying to landscape painting, the Creamery Arts Center in Hotchkiss provides a dose of inspiration at their various classes.

Learn more about HandsOn Colorado and even more that the state has to offer at Colorado.com

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May 29th, 2015

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