How to Keep Cool on Your Next RV Road Trip

The summertime is the best time of year to plan a RV road trip. With the comforts of home in tow, travelers can get up close and personal with nature and build lasting bonds with loved ones. Though the warm weather is ideal for outdoor excursions like camping, hiking, fishing, and the like, staying cool when temperatures are high isn't always easy. Even those who have an air conditioner, the amount of energy it consumes is overwhelming and costly.

If this is an issue you've had and you'd like to know how to keep cool on your next road trip, consider these tips below:

Get an Awning

If you don't already have one, investing in an awning for your RV may be ideal. When you're stopped at a campsite, the awning can help to extend your living space and provide shade from the heat. Having one allows you to enjoy the outdoors without having to crank up the ac or worry about the sun beating down on your skin.

Mind Your Parking

If you're trying to keep your RV cool one of the first things to remember is how you park. The position you park in can change the temperature of your ride and make it pretty uncomfortable. You can remedy this by finding a nice tree to park under or by positioning your camper's windows furthest away from the sun.

Window Shades

Having windows on your camper is great for watching the scenic views go by as you cruise along, but they're not great when it comes to keeping the heat at bay. You can make the atmosphere a lot more comfortable by covering the windows instead. With options like Legacy day night shades you can invest in window shades for the RV that can be altered to manipulate the amount of sunlight exposure you receive both day and night.


You can really take advantage of the cool evenings in your camper with the right ventilation. As the sun starts to set you can open the vents in your RV to get rid of the heat and let the cool air circulate throughout. If your camper doesn't have vents this may be something worth investing in. Not only are vents great for circulation, but they can also help keep appliances like your fridge from burning up the camper as well.

Cook Outdoors

It's nice to have a stove or oven in your camper for cooking while traveling, but in the summertime or in warm climates, the heat can really turn things up. You can help keep your RV cooler by cooking outside -- especially during the day when the sun is the hottest. You can invest in a portable grill, use the grills at local campsites, or start a campfire and cook things the old-fashioned way.

Make Sure Your Camper is Efficient

Just as you need an efficient home to keep the heat out and the cool air in, the same is true for your RV. If you have an older model and find that you need to crank up the ac to get some kind of relief, perhaps you need to update your camper. Installing new windows, insulation, and a skirt can make a world of difference.

Don't let the heat keep you from exploring the likes of Big Sur, The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, or wherever you were thinking of traveling to. There's so much out there to see and explore and RVing is still, by far, the best way to do it. The advice provided above will certainly help to cool things off to make your experience more enjoyable.

Photo by Neala McCarten

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December 3, 2018

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