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What's newest can change in a moment when something, er, newer comes along. We think it's more fun to find the oldest stuff. And besides, anything that's been around a really long time should receive recognition. So here's our trivial tribute to old stuff

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Which is the oldest city?

St. Augustine

It's time to hit the road, the oldest road. In what country would you be looking?

South Africa

Take me out to the ballgame. And if you went to the oldest ballpark, where in the United States would you be?

New York

And the answers are...

Damascus (or Dimashq) has the reputation of being the oldest city in the world, perhaps being settled as long ago as 8,000 BC.

You would be in Egypt. Actually 43 miles southwest of Cairo, according to articles from the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. The 4,6000-year-old road, used to transport blocks of basalt from a quarry to a quay on Lake Moeris, averaged just over 6 feet across and was paved with slabs of sandstone and limestone.

We have been saying that it's Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama. However, one reader, Brett L wrote in to say: I wanted to point out that your question is wrong in its premise, as the oldest (continuously operated) ballpark in the world is generally recognized as "Labatt Park", in London, Ontario, Canada. Your answer, "Richfield Park", in Birmingham, Alabama is a park that was built in 1910, whereas Labatt Park has been in verified continuous use since 1877. Furthermore, records indicate that the site of Labatt Park has been used for playing baseball as far back 1866! ... I think the claim ... stems from the construction of the buildings at the field (ie the grandstand), which may indeed be the oldest in the US (or even the world), but the ballpark itself (ie the area of ground upon which baseball is, or has been played) is most certainly not.

Clearly, the answer is not without controversy.

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