Top 7 Amazing things see in Townsville and Magnetic Island Australia

Are you looking for areas to visit during your vacations? Look no more, Townsville and Magnetic Island are your destinations. Townsville is located near Magnetic Island, which gives you various opportunities to enjoy the atmosphere and marine activities of Whitsundays. It's also located near the Great Barrier Reef. Visiting the area is cheap as compared to other areas. Below are some of the fantastic things to do and see in Townsville and Magnetic Island.

1. Magnetic Island Day Trip/Overnight Stay

The Great Barrier Reef is fascinating due to its original beaches, hidden bays, plentiful wildlife, and best scenes surrounded by a World Heritage of the protected aquatic park. All these make the island the central point of activities in the region and offers several things to see and do. Additionally, snorkeling is a hot activity to engage in as the fringing coral reefs make the entrance to shallow-water exploration and wind from the seashores of the island.

Fishing from rocks, taking further tours into the Great Barrier Reef from the island, and whale watching are some of the things you can enjoy doing and seeing. The island has several restaurants, dining, and bar scenes that allow one to enjoy the fresh ocean views. Besides, you have an opportunity to play golf and watch theatre shows.

2. Castle Hill walk and Lookout

Castle Hill serves the clear best lookout point for the Townsville, and it's located at the center of its CBD. This is one of the hiking or walking locations in Townsville with more fabulous views stretching out the town. Additionally, it offers some of the scenery in the region due to its attractive natural plants and flowers that blossom during spring. You will also see a monument of Robert Towns, who is the city founder.

3. Dive the Yongala Wreck

Townsville is widely known as Australia's nest wreck dive and the skeleton known as the SS Yongala off Townsville's coast, which is a top-rated site for driving fans all over the country. The drive is a unique experience enabling you to view different types of sea creatures and their adaptive nature.

4. The Strand

This is the common beachfront and the city's focus, therefore, serving as the central hub for all types of entertainment and outdoor enjoyment. The strand comprises of numerous facilities ranging from accommodation areas like Rowes Bay Beachfront Holiday Park, barbecue, playgrounds, walking, and to biking tracks. The children have access to the free Water Park and spacious grassed areas, allowing them to play.

On the other hand, the older visitors have an opportunity to wander around and enjoy the collection of beaches, shopping, art, and well-kept landscaping. Strand is also the home to a range of cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs that offer an opportunity for those who are hungry to have a bite as people continue watching the magnificent outlook.

5. Townsville Military History Tours

Townsville among the historic sites in Australia, especially military History, which serves as the home to the most extensive Army barracks. Therefore, tours facilitated by the local facilitators ensure you learn about Townsville Military as an integral part of the History. Through combining History, culture, and scenery into one educational and enjoyable set, the tours display more in-depth looks at the military impact with various defense sites, museums, monuments, and barracks.

Additionally, blending standard military tours and Townsville exploring package will enable you to see some of the critical icons and local landmarks along the way, giving some level of enjoyment and a new appreciation of the region's role in Australia.

6. Participate in Outer Great Barrier Reef Day Trip

Most of the tours made in the region are offering access to the reef features that are well known for the great diving sites. The tour also provides an opportunity to have experience of the aquatic life comprising of supple sea turtles and rays, vivid corals and the various species of reef fish.

7. Texas Longhorns at Charters Towers

This is one of the distinctive attraction that Townsville offers because it's home to the largest Texas Longhorn herd, which is usually known for their massive horns, unique coloring, long life, and producing lean beef that is less fatty compared to other species.

Parting Shot

Indeed, having looked at the activities you can participate in such as Great Barrier Reef trips, diving the Yongala wreck, and some of the things to see such as the Strand and Texas longhorn at Charters Towers, it shows that Townsville and Magnetic Island are indeed holiday destinations you won't want to miss out. No need to worry about the accommodation while at the island as there are various hotels to choose from ranging from backpackers to 5-star resorts such as Rowes Bay Beachfront Holiday Park.

Photos: Image by yuejun gao from Pixabay

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July 8, 2019

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