Expect the Unexpected: Surprising costs when budgeting your vacation

The terms "budgeting" and "vacation" really shouldn't go hand-in-hand. After all, the latter is meant to allow you to jump free from the everyday rigours that often include finances. Unfortunately, the two do cross paths very often.

This is mainly because vacations have suddenly become much more DIY. Sure, there are still plenty of package deals available, but the power of the internet means that a lot of people piece together their packages in a bid to save money.

Regardless of how savvy you attempt to be, hidden costs always enter the picture though. Today's post will look to identify these nasty surprises, in a bid to keep your next vacation budget firmly in shape.

The New City Taxes

This first point covers something which more and more cities are starting to tap into. For example, if we were to look at Rome, it can cost as much as an extra € 7 per night to stay in one of the city hotels. By the same token, in a lot of cities, these rules don't apply. Glasgow falls into this category, as does pretty much every UK city. Nevertheless, some are considering it, which perhaps highlights the direction in which tourism is heading.

Regardless, make sure you budget for it.

The Principles of Tipping

Tipping. Where do we start? This section of the article is somewhat difficult to put together, as tipping rules vary substantially through the world.

In some countries, with the US being a prime example, tipping is expected under all circumstances. Then, when you circle over to other nations, these rules are much more relaxed.

Nevertheless, make sure you research your destination country. Considering the vast sums that most of us spend on meals and drinks during our vacation, adding an extra 10% or more to these bills can have serious repercussions to your budget.

The Great Airport Parking Scandal

We've called it a scandal, but in truth, this is only the case in some places. Nevertheless, airport parking can cost a huge sum of money in some parts of the world -- whether you opt to park your own vehicle or if you ask a friend to drop you off. In relation to the latter, while this might seem like the cheap option, the fact that many airports are starting to charge ludicrous drop-off fees means that this isn't always the case.

For some short-haul vacations, these fees can make up a surprisingly high proportion of your final travel costs.

Let's Talk About Transfers

Following on from the last point, we may as well progress onto airport transfers. Fortunately, if you are shrewd, this is something that you should be avoiding. After all, most major airports are served by local bus routes which are either free or cost a tiny amount to use.

In some cases, you may have to use airport transfers though. When you know this is the case, understand that this is something that can incur a high cost -- particularly if you are looking towards a private transfer.

Photos: Image by moerschy from Pixabay

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May 1, 2019

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