What not to miss when you visit Brussels?

Are you considering Brussels as your next travel destination? Well, there are some places you cannot miss out. The capital of Belgium, Brussels is the de facto capital city of EU or European Union. The European Parliament is vested here. In fact, it is the best cultural holiday destination that you can ever consider. Let us check out some of the places here.

Here is the Brussels YouTube video which can show you some of the most awesome places in Brussels to visit.

The Grand Palace Brussels Town Hall

The Grand Palace is the fantastic place to start your Brussels journey. The central square in the city of Brussels, Grote Market is foliaged by mesmerizing Town Hall, guildhalls and other buildings featuring nice terraces to create a superb ambience. Each and every building you find in this square is outstanding and unique. Consider taking a guided tour of the place to enjoy an altogether different perspective of the place. Recently, it has been voted as the most glorious square in the entire Europe. The 'Flower Carpet' which is set here every two years is an amazing tourist attraction.

Everard't Serclaes: The must to consider

When you view the Manneke Pis, the town hall statue, you will also find the golden statue, which is believed to be man depicting the Savior, Jesus. There are others who also believe it to be woman showing Maria Magdalena. In fact, the statue depicts none other than Lord Everard't Serclaes, the nobleman who existed in the 14th century period. It has a lot of popular legends attached to it. The most famous one is that when you touch the wrist of the statue, it will bring about one full year of good luck in love. Tourists touch the statue to attract good luck while the statue always shines as new.

The Famous Pub: Cafe le Cercueil

This pub is thought to be the weirdest of pubs which one can ever visit. You will find this pub in Haringstraat 12 towards the side of Grand Palace. The pub bizarrely appears to be unwelcoming from outside, but you get to see the darker aspect of Belgian humour here. The pub is dark when you walk inside. The existent tombs and the kind of decoration here will offer you morbid welcome.

Visiting the Park of Brussels

Also called the 'het Warandepark', the park of Brussels can be located just opposite to the Royal Palace. This is the best place of relaxation and anyone looking to escape the city life can rest here. It stretches over 13 acres of pure greenery and harbors magnificent fountain features.

The Belgian Royal Palace or Koninklijk Paleis

This is the Royal Palace based on Brussels which is opened for general public only at certain times of the year. If you like monasteries do include this in your travel itinerary. The rooms are glamorous and scintillating. There are many places to see in Brussels. The above mentioned places cannot be missed out at any cost. If you are looking for an airport taxi service in Brussels, log on to this link.

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April 11, 2017

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