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Road trip from India to Thailand: 12 tips to make it memorable

Who wouldn't want to go on a road trip from India to Thailand! This seemed a mission impossible due to the vast organization behind the tour and most of all too many things to see and do in a short amount of time. But you can, with planning make the most of your road trip experience and turn it into a trip you won't forget.

1) Research and find what you would like to see

This part is crucial so start here. Do your research, Googling everything you mightI want to see IRL. This is the starting point to create a satisfying and complete itinerary.

2) Planning a balanced and complete itinerary

After all the research create to create the itinerary, start booking hotels and considering the different options to explore the areas you've selected. Instead of a list of all the things you want to see and do, consider developing a balanced itinerary made up of exploration, and relaxation too.

3) Studying the right route for the road trip

One place to start your journey may be from popular Uttar Pradesh to equally popular Chiang Mai. These are often the top places people want to visit to explore the real side of these amazing countries. Study the perfect route considering want you want to see and what's the easier way to get there.

4) Consider every document you may need

Of course, you need to have your passport with you to enter the countries and, according to your stay you may need a VISA too. Apply for these documents as soon as possible. 5) Extra document you will need for your road trip International Driving Permit will be the first thing you should consider to live your road trip experience. Ask for it ahead of your journey and, once you have it, you can start planning your car hiring. Remember always to have this document handy as you may have to show it at the checkpoints.

6) Comparing solutions and renting the perfect car

If you do rent a car, consider renting a car with Holiday Autos. It offers the great deals on the market and lets you compare every solution customizing everything from pick-up to return place and time, choosing the vehicle from several models and even adding optional extras.

7) Pack for snacks for your road trip

While road tripping you have to optimize your time, so the best thing you could do is to carry with you some snacks, water and other meals on the go to save time (and money too!)

8) Bring some cash with you

Don't rely on ATM as you may have some problem with that. For road tripping, you have to be ready for several different situations and some handy cash (in the local currency) is significant.

9) Consider the local currencies

Try to change your money into the local currencies as soon as possible and, if you can, avoid airport's changes as they are the most expensive. If you can't skip this try to change very little money and change the rest at the very first exchange point in the city center.

10) Rely on GPS (but bring a map too)

The GPS is incredible but when there is no signal, and you have to keep going things get scary. Bring a map with your as a plan B. A big plus? It is so vintage and stylis.

11) Pack for comfortable and versatile outfits

Don't forget to bring clothes and accessories for every occasion. India and Thailand could be not so easy to visit when you don't have the right equipment with you. Consider bringing everything from short sleeves to long sleeves to jumpsuits, jackets and even a little scarf. Comfy shoes for your outdoor explorations are a must.

12) Stay authentic and keep it real

Connect with the locals and explore the real hidden side of these countries besides the ordinary, usual touristic paths and highlights. Go for local markets, for crafted art, typical cuisine and so on.

Always keep being safe in mind. Learn something about the local events, political and social ones to get ready to face any situation. Don't forget to make the most of this road trip experience with an adventurous mood and an open mind. You will come back enriched and grown up. Have a nice trip!

Photos: Photo by HOerwin56 courtesy of Pixabay

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January 11, 2018

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