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If you're a history fanatic, or you want something a little more interesting to do on your European trip as opposed to simply lying on the beach, then finding the holiday destinations that are crammed with culture is one of the best ways to keep you entertained. There are a number of cities and countries around the continent that feature plenty of historical activities to enjoy, and some can even be described as a walking museum!

Here, we're taking a closer look at some of the top historical locations to visit in Europe. If you are considering heading to a European country on holiday, then make sure to get an EHIC from ehiccardrenewal.co.uk in order to keep you safe on your travels.


The ultimate historical capital in Europe, Rome had to be the first city to make our list. With the Roman Empire dominating most of the history books, Rome truly does provide an eye-opening experience into the old-ways of life. With the Roman Colosseum (home of the Gladiators) to walk around, the crumbling ruins dotted around the city that you can venture in between, and the impressive Pantheon to marvel at, there's a huge number of different things to do. You can take a tour of the dungeons and head below the Colosseum if you're looking for something a little spookier, or you can head to the Vatican City and stare in awe at the roof of the Sistine Chapel and all of its marvels. There's so much history to explore and interact with in this incredible city, that everywhere you turn, you are certain to see a statue or monument dating back thousands of years.


Paris is a beautiful city, dubbed the city of romance, but that doesn't mean that you have to steer away from the historical side. With the exciting Catacombs to explore beneath the city streets, Notre-Dame Cathedral to venture into and plenty more Gothic architecture to see, Paris can provide you with an exceptional historical offering. You can take it all in on a Big Bus Tour around the city, or alternatively head to one of the many museums to pass the time. There's plenty to see and do in Paris, and the historical side of the city is just a small fraction of all the amazing things you can do there.


One of the more forgotten about areas of the world is the small island of Malta. While many people associate this with hot weather, Malta is actually full to the brim with historical monuments. Due to its location, it was initially used as a naval base, and there have been invasions and take-overs from a huge number of cultures, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Normans, Sicilians, Spanish, Order of St. John, French and British, all of whom have ruled the islands of Malta. With their reign, they have left behind a number of monuments and historical treasures for you to enjoy as you venture around the country.
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