Haunted America: Bone-Chilling States to Visit for an "Off" Summer Vacay

You don't have to think too hard to realize that October is the only time of year when it's perfectly acceptable to walk around with an ax halfway through your skull or to see a zombie cracking open a cold one but true adventurers know that scary stuff doesn't just occur in the month of October. You can step beyond the horror pictures and see real horror any day you choose with the many haunted places in America!

Summer is quickly approaching so everyone is trying to get beach body ready and working on their early tans, but what about those places that people don't normally visit? Have you ever thought about taking an "off" summer vacation?

An "off" summer vacation is a vacation spot that's not considered as a "vacation spot." This year is the perfect year to spare the beach and visit an off-the-beaten-path destination to spook up your summer a bit. Even National Geographic recommends you visit some of these spine-tingling locations!

Moundsville Penitentiary - West Virginia

According to the Travel Channel, the Moundsville Penitentiary operated for over 100 years in its prime. It was not only one of America's most violent correctional facilities but it was also the last stop for over 900 criminals. This was the type of facility that made you want to straighten up your act but by the time you got there, it was too late.
Legend Has It...
Many of the prisoners there died in the electric chair or were killed by other prisoners and after it closed in 1995, it's been said that you can still hear the tortured spirits behind the bars of the prison. Some said they've seen and heard those tortured spirits.

Calcasieu Courthouse - Louisianna

If you've never been to Lake Charles you definitely should pay it a visit. There's museums, festivals, and several things to do, but what you may not realize is that Lake Charles has a rich, haunted history as well.

Toni Jo Henry is the ghost that haunts this fine establishment in the small town of Lake Charles. She was once a prostitute and charmed a gentleman to give her a ride to Texas to get her true love out of jail but she ended up killing the man in cold blood, earning her the nickname of "Tiger Girl."

Just as she charmed the gentleman, she also charmed the jury and actually had the courtroom divided on over whether or not she was guilty. It actually took 3 trials to get her convicted but it finally happened and she became the first woman to die by way of the electric chair.

Legend Has It... Visitors to the legendary courthouse can still feel her presence today. It's been said that you can hear her screams and even smell her burning hair. Employees believe that she messes with office equipment and locks doors... it seems as though she enjoys meddling with everyday life there.

Moon River Brewery - Georgia

This beloved beer brewery brought beer to Savannah in 1999 but the actual building is one of the oldest in the town going all the way back to 1821. Before it became a brewery, it was originally a hotel called the City Hotel.

The City Hotel was a high-end hotel with a violent history and past during the Civil War. Men were killed in this legendary hotel during heated arguments. In 1860, a man was even beaten to death by locals; it's unclear as to why the beating happened.

Legend Has It... Visitors to the once City Hotel, now beer brewery, state they've seen beer bottles flying through the air, seeing guest being pushed, touched, shoved, and even pushed and slapped by unknown forces and entities.

Alliance Theater - Nebraska

The Alliance Theater was initially a hotel as well, the Charter Hotel but was then turned into a theater in 1938. Sources are not sure when the paranormal happenings began. Some say it started during the renovations but as far as anybody knows, it's been going on ever since it was converted to a movie theater.
Legend Has It... Employees have seen shadowy figures and can hear footsteps in the halls. The owner stated that he knows for a fact that the building is haunted but does believe that the hauntings are coming from a friendly ghost... could it be Casper that's visiting the theater? You'll have to go visit to find out!

A Great Place to Live

It may be pushing the envelope a little bit but have you ever considered living in any of these locations with such rich histories in hauntings? Some people think these places are simply cool to visit but what if you had these grisly tales right in your backyard!

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March 8, 2019

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