Two Charming Old Towns in the Mediterranean

When it comes to history, travelers who visit Europe are pretty spoilt for choice. You have the incredible two capital cities of The Ancient Greeks & The Romans in Athens and Rome. Then you have more recent Empires with their capital cities in London, Madrid, Paris, and Lisbon. In Central Europe, you have the Romantic Cities of Prague, Budapest, and Krakow. But for those looking to combine history with relaxation, good weather and beautiful beaches there 2 Old Cities in the Mediterranean that are particularly attractive.


For a country with over 1000 different islands and an equally impressive and gorgeous 1000 km coastline along the Adriatic sea,, it seems a crazy thought that one destination in Croatia is able to steal the show. That is until you visit Dubrovnik! While the Glitz and Glam of Hvar Island make it a very popular place in its own right, the Medieval old town of Dubrovnik dominates the majority of postcards sent back from Croatia. Dubrovnik's Old Town is Unesco Heritage site filled with medieval churches, monasteries and spectacular town squares. What makes the walled city all the more spectacular is that it was built on one of the most gorgeous coastlines in Europe.

After a long day exploring the city by foot tourists are able to cool off in the clear blue Croatian waters. This can be achieved directly from the old town by cliff jumping from Dubrovnik famous Bula bar built into the side of a cliff at a large hole in the city walls. For a more modest approach, you can simply head by foot to the bay.


You could say the Maltese are a tough lot since they were one of the few countries able to completely resist attempts by the Nazis to invade the island. But this had more to do with the fact that generations worth of fortresses made the city practically impenetrable. These fortresses in Valletta are impressive pieces of architecture that played an important part in our history. Walking the streets of Valletta is a particularly delightful experience with the old streets full of beautiful Maltese Houses. Heading up the hill you will witness beautiful vistas of the city from above with the deep blue sea in the background. You can then visit the city's museum to get an understanding of Malta, just make sure not to spend too much time indoors when the weather outside is perfect. Although with 300 sunny days per year your not going to miss out!

Malta has some wonderful beaches whether you're looking for somewhere to go and party or somewhere secluded to relax. You can find cute coves in between towering rock formations, plunge pools, and turquoise lagoons! Maltas long Sandy Beach Mellieha Bay is a fantastic place for water sport including windsurfing, kitesurfing and Sea Kayaking. For pure paradise, you have Ramlay Bay on Gozo Island with its soft red sands and quite shallow waters which can be enjoyed by all the family! The Maltese Islands make a great sailing holiday destination which can easily be combined with Italy's Sardinia and Southern Coastline.

Photos: JacekAbramowicz and Pixabay

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May 24, 2019

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