The Green School in Bali

The Green School in Bali is a magical, green school that is in the middle of the jungle and sensitive to global issues, and made entirely of bamboo.

School education expresses the values, attitudes and aims of society, and can develop personality and promote mental health. This goal can be achieved because today's school can play an important role in the child's well-being, helping them develop not only academically but socially as well.

At the same time, however, children who do not have a smooth socialization can also be helped, the school providing them with a caring and support environment or even a healing atmosphere.

So, if at some point in your life you had dreamed of a school with all the above values, as school where there are no walls located in the middle of the forest, then you probably dreamed of the Green School in Bali. It is a magical, green school that does not exist only in your dreams.

There are not many schools in the world that are in the middle of the jungle and are sensitive to global issues. Made entirely of bamboo, environmentally friendly and highly focused on education, Green School is a project by John Hardy and his wife Sinthya. Both jewelers have been living in Bali for over 30 years and began to make their dream come true in 2007 when they sold their property to build the first green school. Inside the jungle and built next to the Ayung River, the multi-cultural school has a central spiral-shaped construction that is the largest bamboo construction in the world.

Green School started operation in 2008. In addition to English, mathematics, and science, the 120 students ranging from age three to sixteen are in constant contact with nature and acquire knowledge of the environment and how they can protect the earth.

The school includes classrooms, a gym, playgrounds, halls, offices and a cafe, while children study gardening among others. The 75 school buildings use natural energy sources including a hydroelectric generator and solar collectors. With 16 Western and 12 Indonesian teachers, Green School is the first school where students have the opportunity to grow bamboo -- a local product in Indonesia -- as well as vegetables and cocoa, thus acquiring useful "green" habits.

The Green School uses composting as one of the solid waste management strategies. A special compost station in school facilities collects the leftovers from the kitchen and the manure from the cows to create an organic material which is used as a fertilizer the gardens that are scattered throughout the area of the school, thus providing the kitchen with fresh vegetables.

You can visit Indonesia to take a tour of this unusual school. Spend a couple of days in the capital of the country and after you stay in a hotel in central Jakarta, you can start your trip for the famous Green school.

Having a "choose your future" motto and addressing the planet with respect, Green School students are the next generation of ecological consciousness to inspire all of us with their vision. Volunteers are always welcomed.

Photos: Photos by Benny Haddad and Rachel Tobias.

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November 12, 2017

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