5 Travel Activities that are Good for the Soul

People go traveling for various reasons. Some go on vacation because they want to experience another culture. Others do it to experience different food. A handful travels to meet new people. New experiences are the main reason why people visit new places.

We often forget that we are actually souls with bodies, not the other way around. Everything we do affects our soul, and our body reflects it with physical manifestation. Every experience we gain, every challenge we face and all the things we do are incorporated in our soul. Traveling is a good way to enrich our soul.

Let's take a look at a few activities that will maximize your vacation.

Have In-Depth Conversations with New People

We are surrounded by people, but we do not actually interact with them. Travelling pushes us to meet new people and hopefully gain a friend.

When you are at a hotel or resort, you can expect that the people you meet are not locals, with the exception of the staff. Reach out to others. You have the chance to meet someone from the other side of the planet.

Meeting different people from all walks of life from different parts of the world expands our knowledge. It gives us a clearer understanding of the vastness of life. It gives us a sense that each and everyone's life is special in their own way. It makes us admire the beauty in everyone.

Seeing Different Faces of the World

Travelling is all about being in a different place. It opens us up to experiences that we can never experience back at home. It leads us to breathtaking views, unfamiliar landscapes, interesting facts about the culture and history, and thrilling adventures. Any experience, from hiking a trail up to the top of a mountain, deep-fishing in the blue sea, eating exotic food (in some parts of the world they even eat tarantulas), and swimming in the most pristine waters are all food for the soul.

Take a Break From Normality

Travelling allows us to take a break from our routine and keep the busy world at bay. This, in turn, allows us to be more relaxed and less stressed. In fact, three days into a vacation you will already feel more relaxed, stress level significantly reduced, anxiety decreased and mood alleviated. Other health benefits of traveling includes:

● Boosted Immune System
● Improve Brain Health
● Keeps You Fit
● Lowers the Risk of Heath Disease
● Lowers the Risk of Depression

Being on vacation also allows us to be creative and spontaneous. The new sights we see can keep us motivated, and inspired.

Learn Something New

Traveling and learning go hand in hand. From the moment you arrive in a new country, you will learn something new. For instance, in the US people wave their hand and say "hello", but in Mexico, they say "Hola" and put their hand over their heart. Many countries greet people differently.

In some countries, tipping is great. It is a way to say "thank you, you did a great job." In other countries, it is very offensive. It is seen as the business owner doesn't pay enough. These are just a few things that you will learn when you step outside of your own country.

Share with Others

Not everyone can afford to travel, don't have the time, or are not healthy enough to travel. These are the people that you need to share with. As a child, your parents or teachers read stories to you. You were able to picture the story and feel the emotions. This same thing applies when telling your story.

It's been scientifically proven that when you make others feel good, it also makes you feel good. Go out and spread your story with the world.

Photos: © Neala McCarten available at Alamy

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March 6, 2019

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